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    Just noting how much I have done. Bellamorte, 56 Defiler Powder Room-Real Women DO Play Everquest


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      Thank you very much, Bryndar! It sounds fantastic!
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        Chicken Boullion cube versus Chicken Broth

        Are they basically the same thing? They sound like the same thing -- ie instead of 1 cup hot water and a boullion cube could I use 1 cup chicken broth?
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          To answer your question, a cup of chicken broth = the same as the results of chicken boullion and water.

          Hope this helps!!

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            Man, don't read through these before you go to lunch!

            Here's another quickie-EQ style meal, which I affectionately call "Drunk noodles". Don't ask. =)

            2 packages of Ramen-type noodles
            1 package of imitation crab or lobster
            2 eggs

            Start the Ramen noodles going (water - pot - high - boil). I usually break up the hard noodle "pancake" in half or at least so that the cooked noodles will fit nicely on a fork. Save the seasoning packets.

            Chop up the imi. crab into small bite sized bits. In a big frying pan, throw in some oil and fry up the crab - this will help carmelize it a bit and give it some nice brown edges.

            Take out the crab, throw in a bit more oil if you need it. In a small bowl, gently break the eggs like you're making scrambled eggs - just don't make them fluffy. Throw that in the skillet and scoot your spoon/spatula around so that it breaks up the egg into chunks. Let the egg cook down on low while you finish the noodles (brown'em up a bit).

            When the noodles are al dente (a little bit harder than you usually like - that's okay, yer gonna cook'em more), drain off most of the water - but not all. Add in both packets of seasoning (if that's too much salt, do your own seasoning, low sodium soy sauce or whatever). Drain off the remaining now highly seasoned water - try to get as much liquid out.

            Throw noodles in frying pan and turn the heat back up a bit. Just fry them a bit - toss the crab back in to reheat it and grab some of the seasoning. And just fry it for a bit, maybe a couple 3-5 minutes.

            Nummy. And fast (maybe 10 minutes). =)

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              THE Dip

              1 cup cooked white rice
              1 lb browned burger
              1 can rotel
              1 can diced tomatoes (I use the one with garlic in it for the flavor.)
              1 can corn
              1 pack taco seasoning (2 if you like it really spicy)
              1/2 - 1 lb velveeta

              Heat long enough for the cheese to melt.
              Serve with Tortilla chips OR my husband likes it as a chili type meal.

              Hope you enjoy.

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                This is such a good idea I never noticed recipes here before Here's something really easy to make on the stove or in a crock pot.

                White Chili

                2 diced chicken breasts
                1 large can of chicken broth
                2 small cans of white northern beans drained
                1 TBSP dried cilantro or 2 TBSP of fresh cilantro chopped
                1 small onion diced
                1 small jar of green chilies diced
                1 tsp white pepper
                sour cream (optional)
                cheddar or montery jack cheese (optional)

                Place your chicken, broth, cilantro, onion, green chilies, and white pepper in a large pot on medium heat. Heat till boiling. Add beans then simmer. Cook for another 30 mins. Once done garnish each bowl of chili with cheese and sour cream.

                Here's something really simple to make where you can use up left over spaghetti sauce with meat or just make up a small batch.

                Pizza Puffs
                makes 8

                1/2 jar of spaghetti sauce
                1/2 lb cooked hamburger
                1 package of cresent rolls
                8 oz of mozerella cheese

                Combine the sauce and hamburger (drain the fat before you add them together). Take apart each cresent roll and stretch each triangle to fit inside a muffin tin. Spoon the meaty sauce into each one and add the cheese. Follow the directions on the cresent package for baking time and temperature.

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                  OMG, I had totally forgotten that I'd posted to this thread so long ago. I haven't checked back here in a few months since I've stopped playing, but I came back to find a post from Denmom on the front page saying that there was now a RL recipe page! Sure enough one of my recipes was there!

                  (And a good thing too, I always lose my recipes... now I can't ever lose that one! /giggles)

                  And Bryndar, that Salsa sounds fabulous! (Too bad cilantro makes me very ill ) Maybe I can try a batch without it... at least I know my husband will eat it.



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                    Yummy Tuna Casserole

                    Mmmmm, tuna casserole. No, really, this IS good!

                    1 box of mac 'n' cheese
                    1/2-3/4 cup milk
                    1 can of cream of ___ soup (I've used mushroom, celery, broccoli, potato, shrimp and mushroom with roasted garlic, but feel free to experiment)
                    1 can of tuna in water

                    Cook the macaroni according to package in an oven-safe pot (no pots with plastic handles unless you're SURE they won't melt in the oven!). Meanwhile, open and drain your tuna. Put it into a bowl and mash it up into even sized pieces. The more you mash, the less chunky it will be later.
                    When macaroni is done, drain it. Put a bit of butter into the bottom of the pot and then put the macaroni back into the pot along with it. Stir a bit until the butter melts. Add milk and cheese sauce mix and stir well. At this point it'll just have really soupy mac 'n' cheese.
                    Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.
                    Now, add your cream soup and tuna, stirring well after adding each one. You can add a little more milk if the mixture is too hard to stir.
                    Put your pot of mac 'n' cheese and tuna into the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes. It should just be starting to get a little golden on the edges. If it doesn't look done after the 25 minutes, turn the heat up a bit and just check it every couple of minutes.
                    Serves 2 really hungry people, or 4-6 people on a diet.
                    Can also be doubled easily, in which case you can use 2 different cream soups together (my husband & I particularly like mushroom & broccoli). It's even good as leftovers!


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                      In celebration of the LoY release:

                      Frogs' Legs With Mushrooms And Green Peppers Recipe

                      1 1/2 pounds frogs' legs

                      1/2 pound mushrooms, washed, quartered

                      3 green peppers, seeded, cut in pieces

                      4 tablespoons butter


                      seasonings to taste

                      Dredge frogs' legs with flour. Put frogs' legs and other ingredients in a sauce pan. Cover. Let cook slowly for about 18 minutes. Then serve.

                      Thanks to for the recipe.


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                        Real Life Recipe Thread

                        Spaghetti with Eggs and Bacon


                        2 tbsp olive oil
                        generous 1/2 cup bacon, cut into matchsticks
                        1 clove garlic, crushed
                        1 lb spaghetti
                        3 eggs, at room temperature
                        3/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
                        salt and freshly ground pepper

                        1. Bring a large pan of water to a boil. In a medium frying pan, heat the oil and saute the bacon and the garlic until the bacon renders its fat and starts to brown. Remove and discard the garlic. Keep the bacon and its fat hot until needed.

                        2. Add salt and the spaghetti to the boiling water and cook until it is al dente.

                        3. While the pasta is cooking, warm a large serving bowl and break the eggs into it. Beat in the Parmesan cheese with a fork and season with the salt and pepper.

                        4. As soon as the pasta is done, drain it quickly, and mix it into the egg mixture. Pour on the hot bacon and its fat. Stir well. The heat from the pasta and bacon fat will cook the eggs. Serve immediately.

                        I found this recipe in one of my Italian cookbooks one day and decided to try it out. I thought it was delicious and now make it regularly as a breakfast dish, although it would be good any time of the day. Its one of those easy to fix, yet fills you up for a while, type meals.


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                          Easy Tender Delicious Ribs

                          Take your ribs and rinse them well and trim off all of the excess fat.
                          Take aluminum foil and make yourself a nice size "cooking bag" with it-you may wish too double or even triple the thickness of your foil bag.
                          Rub your ribs on both sides with Rib Spice, Salt , and Pepper. Lay your foil bag out open on a flat surface. Generously dumb about half too three quarters of a bottle of GOOD BBQ sauce on it and spread out to cover area ribs will go on. Place your ribs over this sauce . Then dump other half or rest of bottle of sauce over top of ribs. Tightle cover and wrap foil around your ribs. Place on a baking sheet , as even though you have taken great care to wrap these-the "bag" may still leak. If makinf 6-10 pounds of ribs , you can cover and oven rack with foil and place your bags of ribs on it too bake. Bake these ribs at 300 degrees for 3 hours. Take them out -open bags-drain all liquid from them. Put them back into oven for about half hour to "dry them " @ 350 degrees. Generously sauce them up with fresh BBQ sauce and bake till sauce is cooked on @ 350 degrees. These ribs come out so tender and juicy they fall apart, and also the sauce from the bag is literally "cooked through" the neat-every bite a tasty treat !!! I am a Mom of 5- and all of my kids friends request I make them when they come over
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                            Tamale Pie

                            Hey all,

                            some good recipes here is something quick and easy.

                            1lb ground beef (I prefer chuck)
                            1 Package of Taco flavored seasoning
                            1 can diced tomatos or your favorite Rotel
                            3 packages of Jiffy Corn muffin mix OR your favorite off brand OR equvilent of corn meal
                            3 eggs
                            1 cup of milk (?)
                            1 cup of water (?)

                            1. brown the ground beef then drain off excess fat
                            2. Add the taco flavoring and water to beef acording to mix recipe on package continue stiring.
                            3. Add Tomatos/Rotel to beef stiring occasionally
                            4. Make ALL the Corn meal in a LARGE bowl, adding the eggs and milk (follow the "johnny cake recipe" found on the sides of most boxes)
                            5. Mix Beef and tomatos with the corn meal mix
                            6. in a 13" by 9" WELL GREASED pan pour in the "batter"

                            Bake at 350 degrees for about half an hour, You can tell when done when the crown puffs and starts to break slightly (like a pumpkin pie)

                            Slice and serve, makes enough for 6-10 people

                            My Dad likes it topped with salsa, I like topped with ketchup, I may try adding cheese to the ground beef next time before baking....

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                              50+ Frog Leg Recipes

                              OK, cuz SOE isn't making Froglok Leg recipes in EQ, I made a page with 50+ recipes for Frog Legs linked to it. Go check it out.


                              Humor is my desire. Check out the rest of the site if you want. It all goes officially live on the 1st, but froggie food and other stuff is live now.

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                                Roasted Bruschetta

                                This takes about half an hour to make and you can munch on it all night.

                                2 cups virgin olive oil
                                2-3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
                                12 roma tomatos
                                1tbsp red pepper flakes
                                1tsp fresh minced cilantro, or 2 tsp dried
                                salt and pepper to taste

                                Preheat oven or broiler to 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Farenheit).
                                Mix the sliced garlic into the olive oil and let sit (the longer the better). Cut
                                tomatos in half and remove stems, then place them cut side up on a lightly oiled baking tray. Spoon at least a tablespoon of the olive oil/garlic over each tomato half, then sprinkle with red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. Bake under the broiler or on the top oven shelf for 15-20 minutes, until the tomatos look like jam. Remove and sprinkle with cilantro.

                                I love this stuff because I can spoon it onto a whole plate (or two) of crackers/melba toast before I log on to EQ and then I have most of a nights worth of bite size snacks at hand. If it's raid night I use 5-6 cloves of garlic, some grated ginger and a little hot sauce to make spicy treat that helps keep me awake.