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    Finally!! Last night i got my Spiritual Anchor from the highly hated Ghoul of Takish-Hiz. After weeks of camping from myself and my dear ranja had seen him dead nearly 20 times....

    After a nerve wrecking combine i got my Phylactery at last

    I'll never kill a mob in SRo again...


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      Aid Grimel Progress

      I recently got my last sacred water and SUCCEEDED on first try with tunic in tailoring part of Aid Grimel quest. Now, looking for my wind metal bow cams and I'll practically be done =)! Already have made the Bristlebane's platters. Can't wait to see that shiny Signet of Might in my inventory!


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        Crown of Deceit

        Dunno if Crown of Deceit qualifies as a tradeskill quest, but I did make my own Velium Mastodon cloak .

        A bit of faction work, being an Ogre and all, especially considering I feasted on a few Froglok tads in m'earlier days.

        With the Crown, I can now visit many new places, without getting chased out of town. First visit was the tree house elf village. Must nicer than Oggok, I must say.

        Thank you EvilBeauty for letting me loot that Reet Crown ahead of you. Thank you to the ranger in Western Wastes that helped me track Mastodons and ultimately kill Tantor for the final fur. And sorry to anyone I stole a mob from while factioning in Lower Guk.
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        Master Tailor Bumkus - Ogre Beastlord, making quilts and afghans for Ogres everywhere on Fennin Ro


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          8th Shawl Completed

          I finaly completed my 8th Coldain Prayer Shawl tonight, woot!

          Our Iceclad party consisted of:

          Bonechip (68 Necromancer) Me
          Trayce (67 Warrior) My RL Wife
          Afrodidi (65 Cleric) Our third account/machine
          Helpsa (66 Ranger) Good RL Friend
          Bromine (66 Shadow Knight) Another Good RL Friend

          For those that are about to run the final leg of this quest and have a party like ours, here are some tips that you may find useful.

          1) If your a higher level Necro and accidently get agro on the General, FD and put your pet on hold. He will beat your pet for what seems like an eternity but will eventually give up and continue on his walk to the next fight. In the meantime you will have sufficent time to clear agro (ie: your enemies have forgotten you).

          2) If a party member gets accidental agro, have a FD class get agro off of them and kite the General around while the original party member camps out and back in, then follow step 1.

          3) Between fights, if your low on mana/health, have a FD class perform step 1. For some extra time to clear agro, you can kite the General back to the starting point where you handed him the orders.

          We did the last step of this quest with 5 people in the group (listed above) and pulled it off with ease. It took a little longer than normal, but worked non-the-less.

          Congradulations to all those that completed this quest before me and all that will do it after me, it is quite an achievement.
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            Signet of the Arcane is now mine...didnt fail any of the combines
            Diani The Chocolate Chef
            High Elf Wizard of the 85th order of Brave New World on AB (VS refugee)
            with the artisan charm, the signet of the arcane and the 8th coldain prayer shawl as trophy in the bank

            baking 300 with Master Baker Trophy
            brewing 300 with Master Brewer Trophy
            fishing 200
            fletching 300 with Master Fletcher Trophy
            jewelry 300 with Intricate Jewelers Glass
            pottery 300 with Harry Potter Trophy
            research 300 with Ethereal Quill
            smithing 300 with Master Smither Trophy
            tailoring 300 with Master Tailor Trophy

            Tinkering 293 with Expert Trophy (Dianii Inferioritycomplex, 71 gnome)
            Alchemy 300 with Expert Trophy (Diaani Supermodel, 66 proud pink ogre)


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              love the beginner trade skill tests!

              my 36 monk, who had not even considered tradeskills 'til word of PoR started filtering out is now rediculously overjoyed at having first 2 of eventual 7 beginner trophies, pottery and smithing. am also one combine away from completing the one for tailoring (need fish oil to finish, an truth be known, plan to cheat and let my 66 druid w/200 fishing skill, and traveling ability handle that component)

              so far, i am convinced that this is the best expansion that i've been around for (the first being LoY, tho i initially started during the first week or so of PoP going live)... and, it's a toss up as to whether this, or velious is the best for tradeskills.

              my thanks to all the people who have contributed their knowledge, effort, and love for Norrath to this site.

              and, quite properly, a special thanks to mum, verdandi, and, da wun whewz namb kent be menshunned cuz a hiz werks fer dat kumpunny.
              occasionally arryl


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                Blessed Coldain Shawl.....Check

                Thanks to Linyeniel, Mistatk and Funry for doing the final shawl crawl with me
                Master Tailor Bumkus - Ogre Beastlord, making quilts and afghans for Ogres everywhere on Fennin Ro


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                  Well, I was supprised a bit to find out I was the "discoverer" of some of the Minotaur Meat recipies.

                  The Elaborate Khala Dun Boots I figured I was one of the first if not THE first.

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                    coldain prayer shawl

                    i know this is probably asking a lot but i did prayer shawl 4 times 4 different toons now it sits in my bank rotting why do they not make a few more levels of this to make it worth wearing again.

                    it took me forever to get it done just complaining again about them makeing expansion after expansion and forgetting about the old world gear that could once again be worth working on.

                    could up the anti on ring war make ldons more level compatable instead of bringing out a new level cap every 6 months to a year and makeing us buy new expansions make what we have work wouldnt even need to shut servers down just zones would make us all happier, no total down time older content fixed or upgraded and quest that are worth while for a group instead of just raid guild stuff like first blood augs.

                    i am sorry to rant but you know i spent years trade skilling to get toon up to be usefull and then they bring out an expansion to were a person in game 1 month can match me, eg... tailor how many did hoppers and othmirs for months on end to just now get silks and pelts easy farm to 300?

                    the one and only wiseguy of the nameless 300 baker, 300 smith, 300 tailor, 300 brewer, 300 alchemy, 300 potter, 300 jewel craft, 296 fletch soon to be 300 as well.


                    • Back after a 4 year break for the living legacy and looking at my bank I noticed a Hope stone glaring at me. Researching the quest and recipe I have spent a couple of weeks building the skills needed for the combines - Failed on the featherwood bow which became a major stop for me as no one raids PoAir any more.

                      But at last I have my Signet of Might.

                      Just got my smithing to 250 in preparation for the SoF quest...


                      • I dont think you really need a raid there anymore. I can solo slowly and pretty well go where ever I want with a healer backing me up. I modern group should certainly be capable of wiping out anything you need to farm for the bow.
                        Roanne LeFaye
                        Warrior Barbarian of the Tribunal
                        Outsider Domination
                        The Seventh Hammer
                        2100 Club + 300 melee Research


                        • I agree with Roanne. My little crew would've made it all the way up to and killed the Spiritfrenzied Phoenix if Baltaldor hadn't popped on my head, and that's with a TBS-group-geared beastlord tanking.
                          Thomen Feadannareil (85 HUM ENC)
                          Expert Artisan And Grandmaster Scrounger of Firiona Vie
                          Alchemy* 242, Baking 336, Blacksmithing 345, Brewing 336, Fletching 291, Jewelcraft 345, Pottery 345, Research 291, Tailoring 345, Tinkering 243**
                          * Available upon request from an anonymous shaman.
                          ** Subcontracted through Maolgann of Ak'Anon (83 GNM MAG)


                          • SoF

                            Old but fun thread. You gotta vent somewhere!

                            My wife and I both finished Eron's last week!! 300 all tradeskills for both of us while we did it.

                            We're about to wrap up Sublime quest (each need 5 reavers to finish).

                            Then we're going to hit trophies finally.

                            Eron's was a blast. Do it if you can. Best hint of the quest (for #7) - you can run under the turbine if you're invis without getting any agro before it's stripped. But don't run too far or you'll zone. I posted it in Allak's as well. Clearing the turbine area... was making us cry.