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Celebrate your Triumph!

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  • Celebrate your Triumph!

    This is the place for your tradeskill quest successes and victories! Have you finally acquired your Sacred Water? Or vanquished the Kromrif and claimed your Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl? Tell us about it!

    Please do not create a separate thread strictly for the purpose of sharing your victory. We don't want to stifle happiness! But it has reached the point where the number of posts that exist solely to share a success are making it hard to find those that contain questions and information and therefore need a response. This will enable your moderators to find site updates more effectively and enable all of us to answer questions more readily.

    Also, remember that expressions of joy as well as frustration are welcome in the Primal Scream room. Because it is not considered an "information" forum, you are free to create your own thread there if you wish.

    Thank you, and Happy Questing!
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    Well how bout I start this off.

    Finally finished off my 8th Shawl for my beastlord last week. Thanks to everyone who helped out at the final battle, and to EQTraders for maintaining such a good repository of tradeskill information.

    I was amazed at how far tradeskills have come since my jc days back in '99.

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      Guilty here.

      Completed my 8th shawl a couple of weeks ago now. Now I just need SCR2, 3, and SCRM, and I get that 70% extension on buffs.

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        After more than a year, the 8th shawl is mine!

        Despite the black-out last week, which cancelled the first General walk attempt, we achieved success on the second attempt (no pathing problems, the General has finally learned which way he is supposed to go!). Many thanks to all who helped along the way, especially Utyl, Aluben, Brotgar and Finbad, and my guild Blooded Hunters.

        Ah the memories... hacking apart all those frost giant scouts in GD and wondering why so few had any toes, wandering EW aimlessly every night without a tracker looking for snow griffons, repeatedly running in terror from the Kael death squad, getting to know those shardwurm caverns like the back of my hand... Velks, SG, WL... and of course, all the tradeskilling!

        Thanks to Verdandi for the wonderful guide, and all the people who left good advice on these boards
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          Two Successes in Two Days

          On Sunday, I did the shawl walk with my guild and got the 8th shawl! It went smoothly without a problem - we had a lot of people there and just mowed down all the giants and wolves.

          Today I worked on my baking for a while, and on a whim, decided to try to make the trophy with 231 skill plus geerlok. I succeeded!

          So, in two days, I completed two big tradeskill landmarks for me.

          Woo hoo!

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            Aid to Grimil

            finished the tailoring portion on 1st try
            Finished the Fletching portion on 1st try
            had the food pre-made and hope stone in the bag
            !!! i was having a very good day

            Oh and picked up GRC from rhag 1 that morning


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              got my 8th shawl tonite!



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                Thank you

                Thirty levels ago I started doing my shawl quest. I started reading these boards day in and day out , learning how to raise my tradeskills while still having money for peridots. SLowly over time as my skills improved I was able to keep upgrading my shawl. Last night I received my "approved issue kit and expedition orders" from the dain.
                . Without all of your help and dedication to this board I never would have gotten this far. Nothing else I can say except Thank you

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                  Woot signet of might

                  Well, finally after the months and months and months and months of tradeskilling... And then months of trying to get some sacred water, Finally the proud owner of my Signet of might.

                  Was so happy when i clicked combine on the tunic and i saw that tunic sitting there.

                  Now to see if i can beg people to camp more waters so i can get the 17 stat/regeneration one hehe.

                  No failures(on anything important) throughout the whole thing: failed a bp and some platters.
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                    Finished my 7th Shawl last night - I swear it was more a feeling of accomplishment than my cleric epic

                    Kind of dreading the smithing for shawl 8 but remembering the feeling last night - I doubt much can keep me away from it!

                    As a halfling it seems slightly less painful in that I can do vale sewing kits to 162 so off I go to become a smith!

                    (Only slightly less painful than a cleric sitting and making arrows I can't shoot!)


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                      The good news began when I went from 199 pottery to 222 in only 480 combines (20.8 combines per skill up). Since I had heard of pottery often taking 30-40 combines per skill up, I was thrilled. All of the combines were opal steins.

                      Next, after hours of trying to find someone who could sell me a geerlok sculpting tools, someone in the bazaar made one for me. She was only going to charge me 50pp, but I was so happy to finally get one that I gave her 200pp hehe.

                      Next, with geerlok in hand at 222 skill, I made the urn on the first try woot!

                      Next, I had gotten a group together a few nights before and gotten one water after 3 hours of camping, and lots of dying. I was dreading trying to get people to help me night after night, but the day I made the urn, I was able to convince 5 of my guildies to come help me out. After about 2 hours I had gotten another water, but people were needing to go to bed. I said "lets just kill one more spawn of these two guards then leave" They said ok. So we pull. Kill the first one, nothing. Kill the second one.....WOOT my last water!!! All in all took me only 5-6 hours of camping there. The only mobs that ever dropped the water were the guards in the doorway of the white building near the zone in. None of the guys at the tents ever dropped one.

                      Anyway, I had lots of luck on the 4th part of this quest, I hope it carries on to the 5th part.
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                        After months and months (literally) of getting my tradeskills to 250, I *finally* managed to get my Marked Runed Signet!!

                        Woohooo Yippieee Yayayaya!!

                        So here are my Successes:

                        Smithing - 1/1 MQ
                        Brewing - 1/2 MQ
                        JC - 1/1 (250 w/Trophy)
                        Pottery - 1/1 (250 w/Trophy)
                        Tailoring - 1/1 (250 w/Trophy)!!!!!
                        Fletching - 1/2 (250 w/Trophy)
                        Baking - 2/4 (250 w/Trophy)

               all I have to do is get my LAST 8 points in Smithing to do the Hope Stone turn in.

                        Many, many thanks to EQTC and Members, and lots 'O hugs to the fine great people on Povar who has helped me on this extremely long journey!!


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                          hi all,
                          after nearly 2 years of hard work, I finally my runed coldain prayer shawl woot
                          thanks alot Verdandi for your great guide, and everyone else here on forum without you I probley would have destroyed my 5th shawl when I kept failing on 6th shawl
                          thanks also my great fellow druid myrron on vaz for keeping me going and having to listen to my pestering for such and such
                          best laloin
                          ps verdandi for some reason I always thought you were a guy, but when I saw the group picture of you at fan faire I lost it with laughter


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                            After One failure, Gratz to me on 6th Shawl tonight.

                            I have the Molkor Hide, the Fish, and the Royal Blood.

                            Now to go to SG. O_O

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                              New owner of 8th shawl on Karana server!!!!!

                              Next goal, 250 pottery & 200 all the rest...............and to think it all started because I was carrying around a bag of foraged food and just wanted to cook up some food with it
                              Baking 250~ Pottery 223~ Brewing 168 ~ Fishing 200 Tailoring 160 ~ Blacksmithing 173 ~ JC 177 - Fletching 168 - 8th shawl ~ Baking trophy