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  • FAQ: Brewing

    Originally posted by Ocsid of Mith Marr, Niami DenMother, and Kronepsis
    (edited on Dec 6 by DenMom to take into account some info from added posts, and then the posts were removed -- thanks, folks!

    Here are some of the more commonly-asked brewing questions and their answers. If you have a question/answer combo that should be added to this, please reply to this post. If you have a question not answered by this post, or by the main site, please post a NEW topic with your question, so that this thread does not get cluttered

    Q: How do I make (Whatever)?
    A: Go to and look it up!

    Q: How do I make (Some rumored, RL, or other recipe not listed)?
    A: If it's not there, and it's not on the message board (Check back a couple pages to be sure), NOBODY KNOWS! Most likely it isn't implemented yet, and may never be implemented. At the very least, nobody has discovered the recipe. Feel free to post attempts and DNC messages, but please check to be sure you're not repeating somebody.

    Q: How do I skill up after 135?
    A: 2xBrewed 2xStout Dwarven Ale will get you to 142. Above that all recipes to 162 take Foraged Vegetables, Ground Spawns, or Amadillo/Skunk parts. Or you can skip straight to Faydwer Shakers (188) and Minotaur Hero's Brew (248) ... or you can sift through the posts in this forum and find other newly-recommended skillup paths.

    Q: What's with the Keg of Vox Tail Ale?
    A: It's for the Warrior Epic quest. You can buy it and get 10 drinks out of it, but it's very expensive. It's found on a number of vendors. It is not brewed, nor is it used in brewing.

    Q: I just made stacks of Veggie Oil, what are they for?
    A: They are used in a Planes of Power baking recipe for dressing.

    Q: Why should I Brew?
    A: Heady Kiola for Tailors, Tempers, oils, and tannins for cultural/Velious smithing/tailoring, a handful of quests, many, if not all, of the alcoholic beverages you could want, stat-enhancing drinks, as well as the fun of handing somebody a Bleeding Brain or a Boot Beer and daring them to drink it.

    Q: I've heard rumors about a portable brew barrel. Is this true?
    A: No. The blackburrow keg is a quest-only combine container and cannot be used for normal brewing.

    Q: I want to make skull ale. Where can I find a cyclops skull?
    A: It is dropped off the undead cyclops in South Karana.

    Q: I can't find <insert item> on any vendor and I've looked *everywhere*! Where in the world am I supposed to get it?
    A: If you cannot find the item listed on the brewing trade supplies list, chances are the item you are looking for is foraged. If you have any ranger, bard, druid or Iksar friends, ask them to hold some for you. You can also go here to find out which zones you need to be in to forage certain things.

    Q: My friend gave me a brewed item with one charge of "Spin the Bottle." How do I make that?
    A: Sorry, this is an item that only Magicians can summon.

    Q. Where can I buy heady kiolas?
    A. These are not a normal part of merchant inventory, but are player-brewed. Make friends with a local brewer if you do not wish to become a brewer yourself.

    Q. Where can I buy vodka?
    A. As with heady kiolas, these are a player-brewed item, not something that is normally part of merchant inventory. Note that the vodka sold in Thurgadin is Kromriff Spit Vodka, and cannot be used in recipes requiring vodka.

    Q: What are Forest Barley, Preserved Hops and a Battleworn Canteen used for?
    A: They are not used in brewing. They are for the Brell Serilis Disciple Quest.

    Q: How do I make a temper?
    A: Try the below link. (A list of where you *find* the ingredients is further down on that same page.)
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    Q) How can I make FuzzleCutter Formula 5000?
    A) You can't. But it is sold by a gnome vendor named Ping Fuzzlecutter in West Freeport for roughly 1 gold per bottle.


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      Re: Q: How do I skill up after 135?

      Q: How do I skill up after 135?

      JumJum spiced beer will take you to 162.
      Faydwer shakers will take you to 188.
      (ingredients can be vendor purchased.)


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        Updated links for the FAQ:

        Brewing trade supplies list:
        Should be:

        Foraged items list:
        Should be:

        Tempers list:
        Should be:

        You also need to convert the HTML into board codes for the links to work.
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          Q: Why can't I make (PoP brew) in my home town brew barrel?
          A: Recipies that came out during the Planes of Power expantion may ONLY be done in the brew barrel in PoK.

          Q: What's the cheapest method of capping brewing?
          A: Fetid Essence to 122 (PoK), Jumjum Spiced Beer to 162 (SH), MHB to 248(Take your pick, read Ngreth's guide stickied in this forum for more details).


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            even cheaper
            fetid essence to 122 , 1 fishing grub one water in brew barrel
            shar vahl essence to 188 , 1 payala fruit (ground spawn in Shadeweavers) and one water in brew barrel
            MHB to 248,

            I think I spent less than 150pp to get from 1 to 248

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              0 to 200 with less than 500pp

              Just wanted to let people know that you can make Minotaur Hero's Brew from 0 to 200 with less than 500pp. All the components are less than 7g a stack (casks are 6 and some change) and all others are 3g or less (considering CHA of 125+). In addition, all of the components are located right in PoK except for the Short Beers, which can be purchased in Ak'Anon for approx. 2g a stack (went there cause I am a Gnome). I suggest, before you start, clear out your bags, find a place to buy the short beers, and stock up (5-6 bags worth). Head back to PoK and unload into your bank. Repeat process again, but leave yourself 1 bag on you full of the beers. Then head to the bar right by the big bank, stock up on the appropriate number of Malts, Yeasts, and Casks and go next door and buy the Water Flasks from Mr. Ironstove. Go outside, or back in the bar, and start brewing. Sell the Brews back to the bartender and repeat everything. In about 8 hours or less, depending on how fast you run around, and if you get lost getting the Short Beers (I bound myself in Ak'Anon bar, next to vendor selling the beers, then just gated back and forth, being a Wizzie and all), you should be at 200. Be careful to not go over, unless you want to GM in brewing, and in that case... the Brews will take you all the way to 248!! Enjoy!


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                Alternativly go to abysmal sea where everything is in one room :-P

                And there is a second brew barrel just down stairs.




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                  Originally posted by Mixilplixim
                  In addition, all of the components are located right in PoK except for the Short Beers, which can be purchased in Ak'Anon for approx. 2g a stack (went there cause I am a Gnome).

                  Even better for gnomes and other 'good races' you can get all your Mino brew stuff right in Ak'Anon, all the alcohol, bottles and casks right in the room with the brew barrel, and the water is on a merchant right outside the bar.

                  With the zone being almost dead 95.67% of the time you will have free reighn of the brew barrel and no gating/zones to go through.

                  250 in brewing with a trophy! All other trade skills? /sigh don't ask.
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                    I want to say that I did a lot of MHB's in Halas. A modicum of running around, but everything was in zone. Barbs like to drink it seems, and who can blame them as cold as it is up there.


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                      I've found the best place for MHB's for evil races is Oggok. Everything except for the water is found in one room, and you just have to go down the hall a bit for the water flasks.


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                        Neriak Foreign Quarter too, brew barrel, and vendor selling all the parts are within 20 feet. (Slugs tavern The smugglers Inn, and Dranas bread and butter)
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                          Originally posted by Mystyqe
                          I want to say that I did a lot of MHB's in Halas. A modicum of running around, but everything was in zone.

                          Double hmmm. When I brewed up MHBs in Halas, everything (supplies and brew barrel) were in the same building just a couple of steps from each other; has this changed? Don't remember the name of the fine establishment but it was the first or second one on the left as you entered the vendor area.


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                            My favorite place to Brew MHB's is, believe it or not, South Qeynos. Just inside from the lower dock there is Voleens baked goods to the left - pick up your Water, Malt and Yeast - then across the street to the Fish's Ale for Short Beers and Casks. Brew barrel is in the back room and is never, ever camped. There's even a Bank in zone. Not having GoD I was forced to keep it local.

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                              Change to the FAQ

                              Originally posted by Ngreth Thergn
                              Q: I've heard rumors about a portable brew barrel. Is this true?
                              A: No. The blackburrow keg is a quest-only combine container and cannot be used for normal brewing.
                              Good news! This FAQ must now be changed!
                              The Tinkered Collapsed Distillery is an item that unfolds into a four-slot (sorry, no MHB's on the road for j00! ) brewery. At Last, Our Day has Come!

                              Seriously, it's unfortunately small, but on the bright side - it's Portable!
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