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Halas 10lb Meat Pie explained

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    supplies to buy

    to make 360 pies (no fails) this is the math I got for supplies.

    40 Fennel
    5 Benzoin
    18 Milk
    48 Flour
    60 Sage Leaf
    60 Bear Meat
    60 Lion Meat
    6 Wolf Meat
    6 Mammoth Meat
    8 Basilik Eggs

    I have 109 Cha and I spent 227pp for these supplies. This price only includes vendor purchased items. I farmed what I could.

    Thank you for the guide. I hadn't attempted to make these pies before. The way you broke it down made it very simple.
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      lol. i go for combines not successes. anyway, i'm using 24 mammoth meat so going for 240 pies with no fails, HA!

      24 mammoth meat
      24 wolf meat
      240 lion meat
      240 bear meat

      1 filleting knife
      1 pie tin
      1 dairy spoon
      1 mixing bowl

      240 sage leaf
      160 fennel
      20 benzoin

      for cream
      40 milk
      for creamy fennel sauce
      160 flour
      for clumps of dough, varies but assume basilisk eggs
      32 flour
      32 milk
      32 basilisk eggs

      dont plan on doing all the combines before hand. you wont have enough room.

      edit added link to spreadsheet to figure this stuff out for you here
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        just posting my success rate. 4 stacks of mammy/wolf meat got me 20 skill points from 202-222 and a VERY low fail rate. and i did it all wihtout a geerlok


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          Thanks for calling me on that Fennel Sauce error It has been corrected

          AND thanks to all of you who have responded with such high marks for my post!! This was my first time posting to the EQTC forums, and all i hoped to do was help one or two ppl hehe, turns out to be more then just that
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            Hello All,
            I am currently at 191 Baking.

            I have been working on Halas 10lb meat pies and have a Question.

            My Paladin has a Wis of 188 with KEI when making these. I have done about 200 combines on these and have only went from Skill 190 to 191. Is this something common with this skill level and Wis?

            Thank You
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              Here is My info on the Halas meat pie
              I use Kei, geerlok baking utensil, and my cha gear
              wis is about 212 and int 128 and cha at 150
              this makes it cheap to buy supplies,
              I use a 49 druid (tracking) for mammoth meat and once i get 20 or 40 i throw them in shared and log my 65 war(working on her fletching) I use arrows to hunt wolves at the PoK book in Everfrost and by ent to halas easy and fast wolf meat. Then my Bst for Lavastorm (just a random toon with SoW and Sense Animals (from a suggestion on this forum) and like they said i used pet to kill every crawler and basilisk that sense summon found.
              Then, off to thurgadin, my 58 cleric is my baker he's a dwarf so this is equally nice place
              Low Lag has lion meat, bear meat, sage leaf, fennel, benzion, flour, milk, anyway my point is Thurgadin is the best place if they like you to bake at almost every baking thing you need is close to you and a bank is there.
              Down side only one oven.
              this is what i do and my baking is up to 218 and skilling up
              granted its taken me about 800 halas pies to get to 218 (not including failures)
              My 2 cents, if anyone has suggestions to make this cheaper for me or anything at all let me know i am making it a goal to drive prices of these from 8-20pp on my server(zeb) to 4pp. i make about 300 pies every 2 days and have no prob selling them normally run out after the first day.

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                skill level vs character level

                I am at 191 in baking and have been making HMP with no increase in skill levels. (About 200 HMPs). I petitioned to see if there was something wrong with my Player. The GM said that skill level was limited by my character's level but couldn't tell what level I needed to get to.
                Does anyone know what the level limits are or where I could find that info. It seemed curious that it would stop at 191.


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                  Honey you're just in the hell levels...from 191-202 it's easier to do ohabah truffles. Only one subcombine. Or cinnamon sticks & pixie dust even easier (just need foraged cinnamon from gfay) Save HMPs for 202-226... even then they can be a PITA.
                  From 220-226 it took me 1200 combines.. Yay RNG

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                    For those that don't want to bother hunting eggs, I forage in Gulf of Gunthak for Niflik eggs. Those work well for clumps of dough.


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                      Good Place to Combine

                      I have found Thurgadin to be a great place to skill-up. Fennel, Benzoin, and Sage Leaf on the vendors by the bank. Bank. Milk and Flour available from Perkins Doughbread.

                      The place is usually near-deserted on Xev.

                      Your only drawback may be faction if you hunted the Coldain.


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                        You can buy wolf-, bear- as well as lion meat from the shadow haven vendor at the south side of the large pool. It is the dwarf lady there, standing beside a gnome lady. You can also buy the alchemy materials in SH close by in the great hall, or the vendor at the north side of the pool. There is also an oven outside the hall of the alchemy vendors.
                        So in this case SH might be the better place to do this receipe.


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                          Someone must've sold the wolf meat to that vendor, it's not a usual vendor stock item, to my knowledge I've never found a vendor with an unlimited supply of wolf meat in all the time I've been playing (since july of 99)
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                            use shrouds

                            I shroud down to level 5, get temp and some skinspikes potions and hunt the wolves near the halos book. I have opened most of my shrouds doing this and I get wolf meat, spiderling silk, bone chips, wolf and bear skins and polar bear skins. The polar bear skins also give good faction in halos.