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Halas 10lb Meat Pie explained

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  • Halas 10lb Meat Pie explained

    Halas 10lb Meat Pie

    This recipe isnt easy to do. It requires lots of free inventory space and is quite time consuming. The result is well worth the effort. Halas 10lb. Meat Pie: DEX: + 5, STA: +5, AGI: +5 HP: +30; Miraculous Meal; Yields: 6 Size: Giant Trivial: 225. I wouldnt recommend using this recipe to raise skill youd spend more time running around then raising skill. I made it more for the stats then anything else.

    (Cooking supplies only)

    Clumps of Dough
    Bear Meat
    Lion Meat
    Mammoth Meat
    Wolf Meat
    Sage leaf
    Filleting Knife
    Dairy Spoon
    Mixing Bowl
    Spit/Oven (A spit will NOT work for final combine)


    One piece of Wolf and Mammoth Meat Yields 10 fillets, where as, Lion and Bear Yield 1. So you will need more Lion and Bear then Mammoth and Wolf (which is a good thing considering finding Mammoth Meat is not easy and very time consuming.
    You can try to find Mammoth Meat from players in the Bazaar. Killing the Mammoths in Everfrost is the easiest way that I found.
    Bear, and Lion meat can be purchased at Mordins Meats in Thurgadin. Wolf meat can sometimes be found on merchants or possibly players in the Bazaar.
    Halas 10lb. Meat Pie is a GIANT item, and makes 6 at a time. So keeping open slots available or containers that can hold GIANT items is recommended.
    Have lots of space available: There is a lot of items needed for this recipe and youll need room for the stuff you make as well.
    Fennel, and Sage leafs are sold by Hulda (bank) and Fennel is sold by Brynjar (bank) in Thurgadin.
    Gather up your meat before buying any of the other ingredients so youll wont have too much or too little. The amount of meat is what determines how many pies you can make. The herbs used arent cheep so double check how much youll need first to save money.
    Filleting Knifes can be made by smiths and trivial at 76.
    Dairy Spoons are also made by smiths and trivial at 74.


    Fillet of Bear = 1Bear Meat + Filleting Knife (Spit/Oven, Yields 1 Fillet, Trivial at 143)
    Fillet of Lion = 1Lion Meat + Filleting Knife (Spit/Oven, Yields1 Fillet, Trivial at 143)
    Fillet of Mammoth = 1 Mammoth Meat + Filleting Knife (Spit/Oven, Yields 10 Fillets, Trivial at 143)
    Fillet of Wolf = 1Wolf Meat + Filleting Knife (Spit/Oven, Yields 10 Fillets, Trivial at 143)
    Fillet in Cream =1 Bear/Lion/Mammoth/Wolf Fillet +1 Creamy Fennel Sauce (Spit/Oven, Yields 1, Trivial at 152)
    Creamy Fennel Sauce = 1Cream + 1Fennel+ 1Flour (Mixing Bowl, Yields 6, Trivial at 75)
    Cream = 2 Milk +1 Benzoin + Dairy Spoon (Mixing Bowl, Yields 8, Trivial at 83)
    Clump of Dough = 1 Flour + 1 Milk + 1 Egg (Mixing Bowl, Yields per egg: Alligator: 5. Aviak: looted 7, foraged 5. Basilisk: looted 15, foraged 5. Cockatrice: 5. Griffon: 7. Snake: 1.)
    Halas 10lb. Meat Pie = 2 Clumps of Dough +1 Bear Fillet in Cream + 1Lion Fillet in Cream + 1Mammoth Fillet in Cream + 1Wolf Fillet in Cream +1 Sage Leaf + Pie Tin (Oven, Yields 6, Trivial at 226)

    Hope this helps someone. It was a mess the first time I tried this recipe. I ended up buying way to much of the supplies, and ran out of room in my inventory (my bank was already packed full) So I ended up having to sell some of the stuff I purchased back to the merchants for a big loss. I also spent a lot of time running around trying to locate the meats I needed. Mammoth meat was next to impossible for me to find at the merchants in Halas I ended up killing the mammoths myself and offering to pay other players for the meat they had. All in all that was the most time consuming, and expensive part of trying to make this recipe. I hope this will help cut down your time, and money involved in baking this recipe.
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    Nice breakdown there, thanks .

    One suggestion though, quantities in the bullets?

    Like ratios, with the lowest quantity of everything that you don't have anything left over. I want to make these, and probably will someday, but the quantities are very important to me to know when to stop farming/buying exactly.

    Would that be 30? I haven't done them...

    But it would be a list like:

    20 Fennel
    30 Bear meat
    3 mamoth meat
    3 wolf meat
    30 lion

    Darn it, the 8 yield on cream makes that not work... can anyone work out the lowest number of combines possible to not have an odd number of anything left over?
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      hm. as far as i can tell, you're just GOING to have something left over. I have one ten slot box that is my Working Halas Box and another box that holds my Overflow Halas Stuff (extra filleted or 'raw' meats), and I leave the prepared excess in there for the next time I go on a splurge.

      When I start from what I consider 'buying scratch', that is, I have all my meats filleted out and in stacks of 20, ready for the Creamy Fennel Sauce, I can expect to spend around 90p in pok on the Benzoin, Fennel, and Sage (that was a hastily added and rounded figure, given only for rough estimation purposes).

      I buy two benzoin, this will give me 16 cream. I then buy 16 fennel and do the CFS combines only as I need them. (To combine 16 cream all the way out is going to give you 96 CFS. Therefore, do these as you go.)

      I then translate my 4 stacks of meats (one 20 stack of each) into Meat In Cream, then go buy the 20 sages and find an oven.

      I am currently xping on basilisks, and have a horrid backlog of eggs. Basilisk Eggs yield 15 Clumps of Dough. I also make those at the oven as I need them.

      Sanna's Shopping List for 20 HMP Combines (but know that you will end up with extra CFS and maybe some COD)

      -- Clump of Dough: 40 (note that eggs have different yield rates)
      -- Bear Meat: 20.
      -- Lion Meat: 20.
      -- Wolf Meat: 2.
      -- Mammoth Meat: 2.
      -- Benzoin: 2.
      -- Milk: 4.
      -- Fennel: 16.
      -- Flour: 16. (NOT incl the flour for CoD.)
      -- Sage Leaf: 20.

      Depending on CoD, you may have extra of those, and you will have about 16 extra CFS (minus any Fillets to FilInCream combines that failed).

      At a skill 190s, I have about 7-8 successes from 20 combine attempts. This is 42-48 pies, or, three slots.

      hope this assists anyone.



      Why ratios won't exactly work, ie, why that list can't get more precise....

      I fail the randomest things. A Lion Meat to Fillet. A Wolf Fillet to FilinCream. Making CoD. There's always that .5pct chance of failure on a trivial, and OH does it like to rear it's ugly head. If you are concerned about getting only enough stuff to make the combines and then using it all up, be warned that Halas 10 will drive you up the wall. 2 benzoin will yield 96 CFS. Assuming no failures, the meats will only take 80; thus you have excess. If you fail something like a wolf or mammoth combine, that sucks, because you end up with 9 over or something. Halas is not something to make a little and wash your hands clean of. Just know that going in, and you'll save yourself a lot of stress.
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        Doh, didn't even consider sub combine fails...

        It's like my shopping list for GLM

        80 Rat meat --- Doh! Make that 84 rat meat.
        80 Snake meat --- Doh! Make that 83 Snake meat.
        80 Gator Meat --- Doh! Make that 91 Gator meat /curse RNG
        240 Acid --- Doh! Make that 258 Acid
        240 Mandrake --- Aye carumba, make that 258

        Ok, I think I'll not go for 200 baking this weekend... even though I got 24 wolf meats... maybe next weekend?
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          EXCELLENT Guide...

          My only regret is that it wasn't there when I was trying to skill up on pies before I switched to picnics.

          And yes, it is nearly impossible (okay, more like highly impractical) to attempt a subcombine and ingredient yield list. Unlike picnics where pretty much everything can be gathered for multiples of 100 (except the sandwiches), the wacky yields for Cream and Sauce (8 and 6, respectively), clumps of dough from various eggs, and the unknowns for failure can really throw off any figures on what to buy beforehand.
          Usually I just tried to estimate and use up as many ingredients as I could until I got down to just 1 or 2 items.

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            Very nice guide! Atleast on my server after 2 1/2 hrs of farming and vendor mining mammoth meat i came up with maybe 8 total. If the ratio for filleting these were just as bad as the bear and lion, HMPs would be completely unfeasable. Also another option for thoose rangers in the crowd, at 47 i could just rip through the mammoths. But for wolf meat there are easier solutions, EC and other newbie zones. Have a mage summon you 10 stacks of arrows and just go for it, they should drop in 1 if not then withing 3 hits. Meat dropped much easier and in that same time i was gathering mammoth meat i got 52 wolf meats. And like others before have stated on this thread the real hard thing of HMPs is the no left overs part. With MTPs the only subcombien that doesnt yield in a factor of 10 are the sandwiches which with all the combines out you can make 72 sandwiches for 1 fruit plus bought materials, not to much of a loss there if you decided to just destroy the extra 2 giving you an even 70

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              Tenlaienye, try hunting for mammoth meat in Easter Wastes. I took my ranger there about your level and leveled him on mammoths. I would pull a mammoth to the water’s edge with my bow and fear kite him. Not only was I getting decent experience and mammoth meat, but it also gave me the opportunity to practice those weapon skills I was weak in. I’d snare the beast as he charged towards me and cast fear. As I followed behind, beating on his butt with 2H slash weapon, the fear would wear off. I’d back up and recast. About half way through the combat I’d recast snare as well. As long as you pull to the water’s edge where nothing roams you won’t have to worry about adds. My favorite spot was about #11 on the EQAtlas map.

              Best of luck.
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                I agree Great Guide!

                Best spots for wolf meat = Ekarana
                Mammoth meat = EW East of Kael
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                  FYI, it appears the Dark Elf Merchant in front of Neriak sells wolf meat as a standard item (I have bought as many as 40 at one time and it didn't run out). The meat is used in a Troll newbie quest (2 meat for 1 large bag). I used a Troll with a base 45 charisma at the time and bought them for 1g 7s, obviously it may be much lower with a better charisma.
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                    I've made 11 skill ups doing these pies. (Started at 191 and am currently 202).
                    Yesterday my skill was 196 and I decided I would get exactly 6 stacks of ingredients. This meant hunting in EW to get 14 mammoth meats, and hunting in NK (with GrimFeather as a charmed pet) for wolf meat.
                    It took longer than I would have hoped (as farming always does), but eventually I had 14 of each. There were no fails on the fillets so I wound up with 7 stacks of Wolf and Mammoth fillet. The extra stack for each was just buffer for failed combines.
                    To get 6 stacks of Bear fillet in cream, Wolf fillet in cream, Lion fillet in cream, Mammoth fillet in cream, and 12 stacks of dough + 6 stacks of Sage Leafs it took me between 9-10 hours of solid play, doing nothing but filleting and the subcombines. I already had enough eggs for the dough.
                    It took me about another hour to do the actual Halas pies combines...and hundreds of halas pies later my skill had moved to 202.
                    This is a very time consuming recipe, though the farming isn't as excruciating as some things, and at 3pp each my pies have been selling. (I sold 6 stacks yesterday!)
                    But I think I've had enough 10 pound pie for one druid, and am going to check out this JP stuff I've heard so much about.

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                      Shadow Haven. My favorite spot for MHP baking.

                      1st off, great write up Reine! This post is to help simplify the process a bit. I have noticed that most everyone in the tradeskills community has their favorite spot to do their combines and I wish to make Shadow Haven a known place to make HMP's quickly and easily. SH has all of the shops for all of the items that you can buy almost right next to each other making for very short trips for all the store bought ingredients.

                      Daliea Saeiersa (bear and lion meat) - Next to bank (on the right leaving bank)

                      Polson Medicinal (Fennel) - in the druid/shammy gm area, top portion (SW from the oven)

                      Lemsen Frostherb (Benzoin and Sage Leaf) - Next to Polson

                      Fantoal Geabaran (Flour and Milk) - Next to the oven

                      Those merchants and the oven are all in the same little area with the bank and nexus teleport making it easy to buy items. This has made getting the couple extra of failed lion and bear combine replacements quick and simple. I just buy as I need items which helps reduce the need to fill bank slots. I raised my faction with all the merchants to warmly doing the Deliveries for Steaon quest about 20 times (about 5 mins worth of work minus zoning time back and forth to the bazaar).

                      All that leaves you with only having to acquire Wolf meat, Mammoth meat, and eggs.

                      Wolf meat - check the vendors in most newbie areas. I was able to buy 3 stacks in about an hour of vendor searching, and then kept finding more.

                      Mammoth meat - This one, as stated by others, is the hang up. My method was to merchant mine Halas and then hunt them in Everfrost. Best spot to hunt without track is the little V shaped spit of land where the frozen river divides in two. Hunt the river area and middle land mass. The spawns are fairly quick and anyone else hunting there tends to let the meat rot. I also send out an /auct advertising for Mammoth meat while I am hunting. I would say go get a stack of this before starting on any of the other items, save time that way.

                      Eggs - This one can be daunting depending on you level and ability. At 49th I hunted the Cave Basilisk Genitor's in Jagged Pine Forest. They are static spawns, with Cave Basilisk as a place holder, in a cave complex that is out of the way so you do not get any adds. They are spaced out so you can single pull if you watch what you are doing. Most where green with a few light blue. The Genitor's drop up to 5 eggs at a time and the looted eggs yield 15 dough!

                      Hope this is helpful. Now on to MTP's.
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                        I figured I would add a little something to this since these are what I am currently doing to get my skill to 200.

                        I am into "perfect" recipes. Just the right number of items so you have nothing left over except for the final combines.

                        If you are like me, I prefer to set up my runs by putting a bag of ingredients (usually for a run of 20 combines of final product) together.

                        This shopping list is for 3 bags (8 slots) worth of runs (so a 60 run at HMP). Also note, that this is assuming no failures at any part.

                        60 Lion Meat
                        60 Bear Meat
                        6 Wolf Meat
                        6 Mammoth Meat
                        60 Sage Leaf
                        8 Basilisk Eggs (makes 15 dough ea)
                        - Alternative: Use Alligator eggs (easy to get from Oasis). They make 10 dough ea, so you would need 12, also add 4 more milk and 4 more flour if you choose gator eggs)
                        18 Milk
                        48 Flour
                        40 Fennel
                        5 Benzoin

                        Hope this helps some people out. You can double the recipe to do a 120 run of HMP if you have the room.
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                          Alligator eggs in Oasis? I've hunted gators there with 3 different characters, and never had any eggs drop. Just meat, words and runes.

                          If you can get a teleport from a Druid or can get through Nektulos safely, go to Lavastorm and hunt the Basilisks. That way, you won't have to deal with undead who will attack anyone and don't have to watch out for Spectres and Sand Giants. Oasis is more trouble than its worth.


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                            i was bored

                            ok here goes. i saw someone asking for a way to make it wihtout any leftovers. so i found it. now this is assuming you have NO FAILS and that means you either bribe the RNG or are hacking the system. please feel free to double check and make sure i got it all right. math is not my strong point

                            40 fennel
                            10 benzoin
                            26 milk
                            56 flour
                            240 sage leaves
                            60 bear meats
                            60 lion meats
                            6 mammoth meat
                            6 wolf meat
                            16 basilik eggs
                            1 pin tin
                            1 fillet knife

                            now assuming that is all right that will take up 28 stacks of inventory and return 240 pies or 12 stacks of inventory

                            is that right?


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                              If my math are better, as wolf / mamouth meat yield 10 fillets and pie yield 6, NO FAILS with 6 wolf / mamouth meats will be 360 and not 240 pies. Need to adjust other supplies of course
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