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    Dark Elf GM Smith

    Here is my info:

    Order of the Goldenstaff
    250 Make Poison
    243 Smithing + GM Hammer
    200 Brewing
    186 Pottery
    173 Baking


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      Mirax-250 Make Poison
      Tayal-250 Pottery, 250 Jewelcrafting, 200 Fletching, 199 Brewing, 189 Baking, 188 Smithing, 152 Tailoring.

      I will combine any components you supply at no charge and I'm usually on all day/evening with Mirax and sometimes with Tayal.
      Mirax Dinama, 65 Rogue, Cazic-Thule
      Tayal Dinama, 61 Druid, Cazic-Thule
      Element of Darkness


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        Hello all, like a few of you i got tired of the old boards but im back to talioring now so here goes oh and im guilded with those 2 above rangers Varrak and Lillianan and that other tree hugger ya hear about Ellesidil.
        222 Talioring (erudite)
        180 smithing(human)
        118 smiting (erudite)
        and a whole lot others


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          Im still around either as myself or as my Rogue Naimh, and Im still happy to do combines in Tailoring 250 & GM needle.

          Naimh 61 Rogue
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            Oi ! Im busting out the smithing asap plan to be 250 buy end of next 2 weeks ( pray ). here are all the chars and skills

            250 Smith +15% Gearlock + Trophy - Kozak
            250 Brewer Trophey - Baabz
            216 Baker - Baabz
            179 Fletcher - Crof/Baabz
            133 Tailor - Crof
            147 Pottery - Crof/Koz
            179 Brewer- Crof

            most are different chars for i can be muleing imbueing/tempering on other pc's at the same time.
            Kozak Dread Lord CT 250 Smith The Relentless


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              First off <<< HUGS NEXROTH >>> I miss you hon ;(

              My skills:

              Smithing 180
              Baking 168
              Tailoring 156
              Fishing 108
              Pottery 135
              Jewelry 191
              Brewing 165
              Alcohol Tolerance 200

              Crimson Talon
              Scholar of the Elements for 65 Seasons


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                *hug Fluteria* I don't think I've ever made a cookie before, but I think I can make an exception for my favorite frost crystal collector.

                For you blacksmiths out there, be SURE to include your race somewhere in your post. I don't think many people care what your skill is if they don't know what sort of cultural armor you can make. I'm a half-elf so I don't have to worry about people bugging me for that stuff.
                Impresario Nexroth Roboto
                Maestro of Secrecy
                Cazic-Thule server
                The Maker of Many Fine Things


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                  Grand Master Jeweller and Grand Master Baker here... working on Brewing but not close yet.

                  Mistress of Tradeskills or Draconis Rampant


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                    200 Researcher plus Geerlok here, Erudite Necro persuasion... Still looking for an Iksar GM Tailor, darn it! ...PST in-game or reply to this post if you happen to be one! :?
                    Kapteyn Nero, 60th Level Warlock of Cazic Thule

                    "...I eat your SOUL while you wait! "


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                      Trophy in Smithing (250) +15%
                      Trophy in Pottery (250) +5%
                      Trophy in Brewing (250) +5%
                      Trophy in Jewelry (250) +5%
                      Trophy in Fletching (250) +5%
                      Trophy in Alchemy (200) +15% + Alchemy Mastery 1
                      Trophy in Tailoring (234) +5%
                      Trophy in Baking (250) +5%
                      Prophet Ragathor


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                        Halfling tailor here.
                        Tarhune Fleetfoot

                        Fishing 200
                        Brewing 178
                        Pottery 149
                        Fletching 194
                        Tailoring 250 w/trophy (Halfling)
                        Smithing 161
                        Jewelry 173
                        Baking 191


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                          GM Brewer, plus I have the best skill with alchemy on the server. Feel free to shoot me a tell if you need combines
                          Hierl Diem
                          Winner of the 2003 Most Agro Contest
                          Anuire Tellus
                          Druid extraordinare


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                            Research ----- 200 (Enchanter)

                            Smithing ------ 235 (High Elf)

                            Baking -------- 250
                            Brewing ------- 250
                            Fletching ------ 250
                            Jewel Craft --- 250
                            Pottery -------- 250
                            Tailoring ------ 250
                            Sage Maldisdain Atheist
                            *** C o e r c e r ***