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  • Welcome to the Cazic-Thule tradeskill community

    Woot! First post!

    I thought I'd kick things off here by relisting player contacts for the various tradeskills. I'll edit my post as I gain more skill or bonuses. I am a half elf if you're interested in cultural wares.

    300 Baking +5% mod & Mastery 3
    300 Brewing +5% mod & Mastery 3
    300 Pottery +5% mod & Mastery 3
    300 Jewelcraft +5% mod
    274 Smithing +5% mod & Mastery 3
    264 Fletching +5% mod
    257 Tailoring +5% mod

    Salvage 2 applied to all.
    Last edited by Nexroth; 01-18-2006, 08:42 AM. Reason: updated my skills
    Impresario Nexroth Roboto
    Maestro of Secrecy
    Cazic-Thule server
    The Maker of Many Fine Things

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    I too am a Grandmaster Brewer, right now I am willing and able to do the Tainted Avalanche Ale quest turn-in in Eastern Wastes. Just contact me in game.

    The rest of my skills are too subpar to list.

    High Elf Templar
    Grandmaster Brewer
    Legacy of Darkness
    Cazic Thule


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      Ah, actually I've been lurking long enough just hardly ever posted..guess folks will be seeing me alot more in the future.

      Skills are listed below in my sig...
      Lillianan Fuzziebunnie
      Huntress of Tunare
      Mistress of Languages
      212 pottery
      200 brewing
      200 fletching
      200 jeweling
      200 fishing
      200 baking
      188 blacksmithing
      177 tailoring *blerg*


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        250 baker here, I have not worked up any of my other skills to respectable levels.
        Tinolt Underhill
        Cleric of Bristlebane
        Representative of Mischief in the Hand of Chaos


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          Hiya I'm a habitual tradeskiller as well, below are my current skills. I'll update with edit, as I'm always working on one or the other. My main character is a High elf wizard.

          Blacksmithing (250)
          Pottery (200)
          Brewing (200)
          Fishing (200)
          Baking (164)
          Tailoring (163)
          Jewelcrafting (154)


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            Master Jeweler here (surprise surprise i'm an enchanter)

            Nexroth... Fluteria wants cookies, can you bake her up some?

            Kestel Bladen`Kurst


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              Hey now I am on Cazic so time to Edit.

              Smithing 242 + 5%
              Slashim Lubzcatz
              62 SK on Cazic Thule
              GM Troll Smitty


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                It is easy to see by my lack of AA skills at now 200 days played since January 200 how much I do tradeskills 8)
                I mainly started raising skills other than fletching due to:
                Thurgate Potion: higher pottery
                BFT bows: needed higher Smithing and brewing
                8th Shawl: needed higher baking, tailoring and Jewelcraft
                and Im not done yet

                250 Fletching hehehe wanna buy a bow?
                215 tinkering, /em slips his Gnome wiz some more parts to skill up on to keep quiet...
                200 Brewing, sorry I drank all my skill ups *Hick*
                200 Jewelcraft
                200 Pottery
                199 Baking, hehehe, got any Mushrooms?
                190 Smithing
                169 tailoring
                54 Fishing hehehe

                mAx tradeskills (except 221 smithing).


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                  Howdy, all! Hate those old boards so much I never posted. I'm almost always in serverwide.eqtraders when I am in-game, which is every day. I leave the public item sales to others, but just thought I'd let y'all know that I will do combines of *your* supplies at no charge when I am not raiding. Kellan is AFK often during the day, but tells are logged so I should get the message if you need something.

                  My goal is to complete the Aid Grimel quest as soon as we figure out the 7th step =(
                  Kellan, 95 human cleric, Crimson Tempest, Drinal server
                  300 + 15% trophy: Baking, Blacksmithing, Brewing, Fletching, Jewelcraft, Pottery, Priest Research, Tailoring
                  300 + 15% trophy on alts: Alchemy, Poisonmaking, Wood Elf Blacksmithing/Tailoring


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                    Sylphan is a level 65 high elven enchanter in Knights of the Round Table, aka Sylstore in the bazaar.

                    GM in Baking, Brewing, Fletching, Tailoring, Smithing, Jewelcraft, Pottery, and max skill in fishing, all languages, etc.
                    Last edited by Sylphan; 11-16-2003, 08:00 AM.
                    83/1000 High Elven Enchanter on cazic (8x300 tradeskills)


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                      Baking........... (240)
                      Brewing .........(193)
                      Tailoring .........(104)
                      Pottery ...........(130)

                      DEWBACK DEEPCLAWZ
                      PRIMALIST of CAZIC THULE


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                        I too am a GM brewer. Trying to work at getting the rest of the skills to 200. More than happy to offer my services.
                        ~Iaedyene D`Roughps~
                        61st Seasoned Wizzie
                        Blades of Death *** Cazic-Thule
                        250 Brewer
                        200 Fletcher
                        193 Baker
                        188 Jeweler
                        184 Potter
                        174 Smither
                        162 Tailorer
                        146 Fisher
                        129 Researcher


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                          In my sig are my current skills, right now my goal is 250 in jewelcraft, brewing, and pottery....and 200 in bakeing and fletching and fishing. I'm shuddering about even starting smithing or tailoring...but they'll get up there someday.
                 to farm more plat to sink into jewelcraft.
                          Jewelcraft 202 +5%
                          Brewing 168 + 5%
                          Pottery 135
                          Bakeing 135


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                            Just wanted to post my info, Grandmaster Wood Elf Tailor (250), all other skills are capped at 250 as of today (3/18/04).
                            Last edited by brendil; 03-18-2004, 05:26 PM.
                            Brendil Tolinar, 65th Storm Warden of Tunare
                            Elder, Order of the Golden Staff, Cazic Thule
                            The First 250 Tailor on Cazic Thule
                            Proud Member of the 1750 Club
                            Wearer of the Signet of the Arcane, Mark Runed Signet and the Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl


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                              250 Tailor