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We're "Sort of" Back

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  • We're "Sort of" Back

    Racknine finally, after months, has unlocked our forums again. The hubbyogre and I now have to decide how we want to proceed, forum-wise moving forward, so hold onto your hats, folks! Things may change a bit still.

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    Welcome back! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
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      I can comment here.!

      We were hacked. But only the Forums. The forums are on an actual different server from the main site, so the main site was safe.

      Then I had a difficult time getting a response from the host.

      I made another attempt to contact the host Wednesday, and they responded! They nuked all files but left the DB. With the DB I was able to recover simply by installing the forums and running an upgrade!

      So there isn't particular "help" required. Thanks for the offer!

      As far as I know, the forums are fully functional now!
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        (To clarify, my understanding is that the hack was so they could use our forums to send out spam far and wide, not to access our user data. Still not a happy thing for us, but at least less drastic for our community!)


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          Welcome back! Also, huge thanks to the work you do. Maxing out my Artisan's Prize gave me a huge feeling of accomplishment and would never have been possible for me without this site. Also, thanks to the ogre for the increased communication on the EQLive boards. It has been noticed and appreciated by many. I also forgive you for the "bellow" typo.


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            Was supposed to have a smiley face on the end of that.


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              Welcome back! I missed you so. I had almost given up hope!