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Are all the tinkering sites gone?

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  • Are all the tinkering sites gone?

    Was looking for tinkering guides beside the one we have here, or even a trivial list.

    I just started, got my gnome to 122, made some bows and farmed PoI a little.
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    Can go a long way with sunshard dust/pebbles and ore.



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      Not sure about the old sites, I have not looked in ages, but even 3-4 years ago most of them were out of date. No one really took a bunch of time to make decent guide following the tinker refresh.

      That said most of the data here is helpful enough. With trade skill flags on items, kits that remember learned recipes and the ability to look up most recipes here (and maybe Allakahzam's), there's not much need for a step by step guide as the in game trade skill NPCs in Crescent Reach cover the basics for tinkering (and other skills) well enough.

      Use the skill up guide here, review all the past posts in this (tinkering) forum and use the trival list link below and you should be good to go.

      To get to the tinkering [any] Quick Trivial List:
      -Start on the EQTrader's home page
      -Select Recipes
      -Select Tinkering [whatever skill you want]
      -Select Quick Trivial List



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        Symbols and armor are decent paths if you have the tailoring/smithing skill to make the templates too.
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