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    I am currently at 230 skill and have built up ~300 velous combines. Now I hope this is not a silly question but, should this be enough to take me to 252 or should I hold out and get the 400 items prepared(my orginal goal)


    PS 40 flawless combines-8 skill up 222-230

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    What is your INT? Skillups are based on that as well. Since skillups depend on the RNG, you can never be sure how many skillups you can/will get. My advice would be to just do the 300 combines and then see where you are at and how much (if any) farming you have ahead of you.
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      Int 415 , Im at 232 Now-burned thro 37 Tiger combines and got 3-SU-which I didnt think was so good -300 gives me 15 chances avg to make my 20. Will it be enough...donno
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        at 230 your chance to skill up should be around 8% so that should be enough, but you should just use up the 300 you've right now and see what you actually get.


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          Do your combines, you never know if the RNG will be nasty or kind. There are several reasons to use them up:
          1. Lack of bank space
          2. Time it takes to actually transfer from mules to char, and do the combines.
          3. You might find something else to do and run out of time (before next patch)
          4. Accidental change to trivial that wsa not supposed to go live.
          5. The RNG is nice and 300 is too many.
          6. RL may intrude and delay your run of combines, and then its patch day.

          Just do them, and you can reasses what you need to reach your goal.


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            Assuming that the skillup chance linearly decreases over the path of 230 - 252 (which it doesn't but it is close enough for an estimate).

            At 415, you have an 8.1% chance to ding 231, and at 251 you have a 6.42% chance to ding 252.

            So: 8.1+6.42/2 = 7.26% avg chance to skill up (note again not completely accurate but close enough).

            so at N x 0.0726 = 22 (ie. the number of skillups) N = ~303 combines

            So 303 combines is a good estimate assuming the RNG doesn't bite you in the @$$.
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              I generally figure post 200, 1 skillup per 30 combines and assemble components accordingly.

              *at lvl 70 with 320 Wis it's usually lower for me, around 25 or so, but you get the bad runs occasionally so this is a good estimate to use when you're trying to figure out how much to buy/farm for a run.
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