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How many combine to max trophy?

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  • How many combine to max trophy?

    Just ding 300 in smith and got master trophy (+12%) last night, then I do around 10 combine which around 350 trivial, but the umber showed in progress of evolution still 0%. How many times combine should I do for max trophy? Will it showed in progress of evolution ?

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    It should show progress of evolution. I was thinking it was between 7 and 12 combines per %? But it's been a really long time....
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      Trophy evolution is based only on successful combines. The trophy gains experience for each successful non trivial combine equal to the trivial of that combine or 350 (whichever is lower) and depending on the skill, varies the total experience needed to evolve. Smithing is 7.5 successful 350+ combines per 1 percent. That means if you are failing combines, then that does not help you. Also, if you do not have the trophy equipped, then it will not evolve. If you are doing combines that are between 300 and 350 it will take more than 7.5 successes as well.
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        For some, combines in Guild Hall / Guild Lobby do not evolve the trophy.


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          Hmmm. Bug? Mine all evolved (Fletching is still evolving) while in Guild Hall with no problems.
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            It was a bug at one point. I have not heard of any reported cases in several months, maybe even a year. The issue I have heard about lately is tradeskill containers disappearing, as well as augmentation pools when you try and open them and the physical container dissappears from your screen and you have to zone to reset it.
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              I kept a text file of a compilation of Trophy XP from a post long lost.

              Skill Total XP Common 300+ combine Max skill combine
              Alchemy 262,044 (753 combines @348 triv) (749 [email protected] triv)
              Baking 350,000 (1045 [email protected] triv) (1000 [email protected] triv)
              Brewing 350,000 (1045 [email protected] triv) (1000 [email protected] triv)
              Fletching 157,500 (471 [email protected] triv) (450 [email protected] triv)
              Jewelcraft 332,500 (992 [email protected] triv) (950 [email protected] triv)
              Pottery 350,000 (1045 [email protected] triv) (1000 [email protected] triv)
              Research 157,500 (489 [email protected] triv) (450 [email protected] triv)
              Smithing 350,000 (1045 [email protected] triv) (1000 [email protected] triv)
              Tailoring 157,500 (471 [email protected] triv) (450 [email protected] triv)
              Poison 262,500 (816 [email protected] triv) (750 [email protected] triv)
              Tinkering ? (900 [email protected] triv) ?
              Gaze, 100 Enchanter, The Nameless

              Jeweler 300 7/7 M3
              Brewer 300 7/7 M3
              Baker 300 7/7 M3
              Potter 300 7/7 M3
              Fletcher 300 7/7 M3
              Tailor 300 7/7 M3
              Blacksmith 300 7/7 M3
              Researcher 300 7/7 M3
              Tinkerer 300 7/7 M3
              Fisher 200
              Beggar 500


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                Jewelry GM trophy from brand new to ding evolve, 522 combines at 302 trivial.
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