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    Is there a quick way to find out what spells are not yet submitted to the database?

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    hmm well looking up what recipes use a piece of parchment

    chill bones was the only spell that came up


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      Since the influx of submissions had died out, I put my "guess" into the recipes.
      Even if I'm not 100% correct, I believe I'm at least 70%, thus making it that much easier to correct once someone has confirmed.

      The only way to see if no one has confirmed, is by the note: Recipe unconfirmed.

      For the most part, I've deleted the trivial on unconfirmed recipes. You might also be able to look up Trivial "Unknown".

      And I'll try to get to Chill Bones, looks like I missed one.
      Hangovr Regrets

      The Nameless


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        Hmm, this question struck me as funny....

        sorta like the question you get at the airport...

        Has anyone put something in your luggage without your knowledge?

        Well, if I knew about it, then I'd probably take it out... and if I didn't know about it, how could I know it was there?
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          There were several recipies that existed using the old system that were never discovered previously (or recipies were never released) so if all that was done on the Eqtraders database was change the old recipies, then a few were probably missed.

          Heres a list from that post that Ngreth made on Edit Grid:

          Spell: Acumen
          Spell: Acumen of Dar Khura
          Spell: Aegis
          Spell: Aegis of Ro
          Spell: Aegolism
          Spell: Allure
          Spell: Animate Dead
          Spell: Antidote
          Spell: Arch Lich
          Spell: Asphyxiate
          Spell: Atol`s Spectral Shackles
          Spell: Augment
          Spell: Augmentation of Death
          Spell: Avatar
          Spell: Bandoleer of Luclin
          Spell: Bane of Nife
          Spell: Banishment
          Spell: Banishment of Shadows
          Spell: Banshee Aura
          Spell: Bedlam
          Spell: Berserker Strength
          Spell: Bind Affinity
          Spell: Blanket of Forgetfulness
          Spell: Blessed Armor of the Risen
          Spell: Blessing of Aegolism
          Spell: Blizzard
          Spell: Bond of Death
          Spell: Bonds of Tunare
          Spell: Bone Walk
          Spell: Breath of Karana
          Spell: Breath of the Dead
          Spell: Bristlebane`s Bundle
          Spell: Burnout IV
          Spell: Cackling Bones
          Spell: Call of Bones
          Spell: Call of Karana
          Spell: Call of the Hero
          Spell: Cancel Magic
          Spell: Cannibalize IV
          Spell: Cast Force
          Spell: Cavorting Bones
          Spell: Chill Bones
          Spell: Circle of Force
          Spell: Circle of Seasons
          Spell: Circle of Summer
          Spell: Circle of Winter
          Spell: Coldlight
          Spell: Color Shift
          Spell: Color Skew
          Spell: Color Slant
          Spell: Column of Frost
          Spell: Column of Lightning
          Spell: Common Portal
          Spell: Conglaciation of Bone
          Spell: Conjuration: Air
          Spell: Conjuration: Earth
          Spell: Conjuration: Fire
          Spell: Conjuration: Water
          Spell: Conjure Corpse
          Spell: Convergence
          Spell: Convoke Shadow
          Spell: Cornucopia (Loaf of Bread)
          Spell: Cripple
          Spell: Crippling Claudication
          Spell: Dagger of Symbols
          Spell: Dead Man Floating
          Spell: Dead Men Floating
          Spell: Death Pact
          Spell: Death Peace
          Spell: Decession
          Spell: Defoliation
          Spell: Dementia
          Spell: Dementing Visions
          Spell: Demi Lich
          Spell: Devouring Darkness
          Spell: Dictate
          Spell: Dimensional Pocket
          Spell: Disempower
          Spell: Disintegrate
          Spell: Divine Intervention
          Spell: Draught of Jiva
          Spell: Dyzil`s Deafening Decoy
          Spell: Elemental: Air
          Spell: Elemental: Earth
          Spell: Elemental: Fire
          Spell: Elemental: Water
          Spell: Elementaling: Air
          Spell: Elementaling: Earth
          Spell: Elementaling: Fire
          Spell: Elementaling: Water
          Spell: Elementalkin: Air
          Spell: Elementalkin: Earth
          Spell: Elementalkin: Fire
          Spell: Elementalkin: Water
          Spell: Elnerick's Rending
          Spell: Emissary of Thule
          Spell: Endure Magic
          Spell: Energy Storm
          Spell: Enforced Reverence
          Spell: Enlightenment
          Spell: Enslave Death
          Spell: Entrapping Roots
          Spell: Ethereal Elixir
          Spell: Ethereal Light
          Spell: Ethereal Remedy
          Spell: Evacuate
          Spell: Everfount (Water Flask)
          Spell: Everlasting Breath
          Spell: Extinguish Fatigue
          Spell: Eye of Tallon
          Spell: Eye of Zomm
          Spell: Fade
          Spell: Familiar Enhancement
          Spell: Feedback
          Spell: Fingers of Fire
          Spell: Fire Spiral of Al'Kabor
          Spell: Firestorm
          Spell: Fist of Karana
          Spell: Flaming Sword of Xuzl
          Spell: Focus of Spirit
          Spell: Force Spiral of Al'Kabor
          Spell: Forlorn Deeds
          Spell: Form of the Great Bear
          Spell: Form of the Howler
          Spell: Form of the Hunter
          Spell: Fortitude
          Spell: Frost
          Spell: Frost Spiral of Al'Kabor
          Spell: Funeral Pyre of Kelador
          Spell: Gangrenous Touch of Zum`uul
          Spell: Garrison's Superior Sunder
          Spell: Gate
          Spell: Gather Shadows
          Spell: Gift of Brilliance
          Spell: Gift of Insight
          Spell: Gift of Pure Thought
          Spell: Gift of Xev
          Spell: Girdle of Karana
          Spell: Glamorous Visage
          Spell: Glamour of Tunare
          Spell: Gravity Flux
          Spell: Greater Conjuration: Air
          Spell: Greater Conjuration: Fire
          Spell: Greater Conjuration: Water
          Spell: Greater Familiar
          Spell: Greater Summoning: Air
          Spell: Greater Summoning: Earth
          Spell: Greater Summoning: Fire
          Spell: Greater Summoning: Water
          Spell: Greater Vocaration: Air
          Spell: Greater Vocaration: Fire
          Spell: Greater Vocaration: Water
          Spell: Halo of Light
          Spell: Hammer of Divinity
          Spell: Hammer of Judgment
          Spell: Hammer of Souls
          Spell: Harmshield
          Spell: Haunting Corpse
          Spell: Heroic Bond
          Spell: Horrifying Visage
          Spell: Hungry Earth
          Spell: Ice Comet
          Spell: Ice Spear of Solist
          Spell: Icestrike
          Spell: Identify
          Spell: Illusion: Vah Shir
          Spell: Immobilize
          Spell: Improved Invis vs Undead
          Spell: Improved Invisibility
          Spell: Improved Superior Camo
          Spell: Inferno of Al`Kabor
          Spell: Infusion
          Spell: Insidious Decay
          Spell: Insipid Weakness
          Spell: Instill
          Spell: Intensify Death
          Spell: Invert Gravity
          Spell: Invigor
          Spell: Invoke Death
          Spell: Invoke Fear
          Spell: Invoke Shadow
          Spell: Judgment
          Spell: Khura's Focusing
          Spell: Koadic's Endless Intellect
          Spell: Largarn`s Lamentation
          Spell: Lava Storm
          Spell: Leering Corpse
          Spell: Legacy of Thorn
          Spell: Lesser Conjuration: Earth
          Spell: Lesser Conjuration: Water
          Spell: Lesser Summoning: Air
          Spell: Lesser Summoning: Earth
          Spell: Lesser Summoning: Fire
          Spell: Lesser Summoning: Water
          Spell: Levant
          Spell: Levitate
          Spell: Levitation
          Spell: Lich
          Spell: Lightning Storm
          Spell: Lure of Ice
          Spell: Maelstrom of Electricity
          Spell: Mala
          Spell: Malignant Dead
          Spell: Malo
          Spell: Malosini
          Spell: Mana Sieve
          Spell: Manasink
          Spell: Manastorm
          Spell: Mark of Karn
          Spell: Markar`s Discord
          Spell: Marzin's Mark
          Spell: Mask of the Hunter
          Spell: Mask of the Stalker
          Spell: Mend Bones
          Spell: Mesmerization
          Spell: Mind Wipe
          Spell: Mind Wrack
          Spell: Minion of Shadows
          Spell: Minor Conjuration: Air
          Spell: Minor Conjuration: Fire
          Spell: Minor Summoning: Air
          Spell: Minor Summoning: Earth
          Spell: Minor Summoning: Fire
          Spell: Minor Summoning: Water
          Spell: Monster Summoning III
          Spell: Moonfire
          Spell: Naltron's Mark
          Spell: Nature Walkers Behest
          Spell: Nature's Recovery
          Spell: Nullify Magic
          Spell: Numbing Cold
          Spell: Paralyzing Earth
          Spell: Phantasmal Protection
          Spell: Pillage Enchantment
          Spell: Pillar of Fire
          Spell: Pillar of Flame
          Spell: Pillar of Frost
          Spell: Pillar of Lightning
          Spell: Plainsight
          Spell: Pouch of Quellious
          Spell: Pox of Bertoxxulous
          Spell: Primal Essence
          Spell: Project Lightning
          Spell: Protection of the Glades
          Spell: Quiver of Marr
          Spell: Quivering Veil of Xarn
          Spell: Radiant Visage
          Spell: Rage of Zomm
          Spell: Reckoning
          Spell: Reclaim Energy
          Spell: Regrowth of Dar Khura
          Spell: Regrowth of the Grove
          Spell: Remove Greater Curse
          Spell: Renew Bones
          Spell: Reoccurring Amnesia
          Spell: Resist Magic
          Spell: Restless Bones
          Spell: Retribution of Al`Kabor
          Spell: Root
          Spell: Ro's Smoldering Disjunction
          Spell: Sacrifice
          Spell: Scars of Sigil
          Spell: Scent of Terris
          Spell: Sedulous Subversion
          Spell: Sense Summoned
          Spell: Servant of Bones
          Spell: Shadow Sight
          Spell: Shadow Step
          Spell: Shadow Vortex
          Spell: Shadowbond
          Spell: Shiftless Deeds
          Spell: Shock of Fiery Blades
          Spell: Shock Spiral of Al'Kabor
          Spell: Shroud of the Spirits
          Spell: Sight Graft
          Spell: Speed of the Brood
          Spell: Spell Shield
          Spell: Sphere of Light
          Spell: Spirit of Oak
          Spell: Spirit of Scale
          Spell: Spirit of the Howler
          Spell: Spirit Quickening
          Spell: Splurt
          Spell: Strip Enchantment
          Spell: Stun Command
          Spell: Succor
          Spell: Summon Bandages
          Spell: Summon Coldstone
          Spell: Summon Dead
          Spell: Summon Drink
          Spell: Summon Food
          Spell: Summon Heatstone
          Spell: Summon Ring of Flight
          Spell: Summon Wisp
          Spell: Summon: Muzzle of Mardu
          Spell: Summoning: Air
          Spell: Summoning: Earth
          Spell: Summoning: Fire
          Spell: Summoning: Water
          Spell: Sunskin
          Spell: Sunstrike
          Spell: Supernova
          Spell: Surge of Enfeeblement
          Spell: Talisman of Epuration
          Spell: Talisman of Jasinth
          Spell: Talisman of Shadoo
          Spell: Talisman of the Brute
          Spell: Talisman of the Cat
          Spell: Talisman of the Raptor
          Spell: Talisman of the Rhino
          Spell: Talisman of the Serpent
          Spell: Tears of Druzzil
          Spell: Tears of Prexus
          Spell: Tepid Deeds
          Spell: The Unspoken Word
          Spell: Theft of Thought
          Spell: Thrall of Bones
          Spell: Thunderclap
          Spell: Tigir`s Insects
          Spell: Tishan`s Discord
          Spell: Torment of Argli
          Spell: Torpor
          Spell: Torrent of Poison
          Spell: Tox Portal
          Spell: Translocate
          Spell: Translocate: Group
          Spell: Transon's Elemental Renewal
          Spell: Trucidation
          Spell: True North
          Spell: Tunare`s Request
          Spell: Ultravision
          Spell: Umbra
          Spell: Upheaval
          Spell: Vampiric Curse
          Spell: Velocity
          Spell: Vengeance of Al`Kabor
          Spell: Visions of Grandeur
          Spell: Vocarate: Water
          Spell: Voice Graft
          Spell: Voice of the Berserker
          Spell: Wake of Karana
          Spell: Wave of Enfeeblement
          Spell: Wind of Tashani
          Spell: Wind of Tashanian
          Spell: Winds of Gelid
          Spell: Word of Redemption
          Spell: Word of Restoration
          Spell: Word of Shadow
          Spell: Word of Souls
          Spell: Word of Vigor
          Spell: Wrath of Al'Kabor
          Spell: Wrath of the Elements
          Spell: Yaulp IV
          Spell: Yaulp V
          Spell: Zevfeer's Theft of Vitae
          Spell: Zumaik`s Animation


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            Originally posted by Mondrivun View Post
            Hmm, this question struck me as funny....

            sorta like the question you get at the airport...

            Has anyone put something in your luggage without your knowledge?

            Well, if I knew about it, then I'd probably take it out... and if I didn't know about it, how could I know it was there?

            Same here, but my example was please answer if you are not present.