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  • Help plz. My spreadsheet

    I have made a spreadsheet that I keep printed out next to my computer with a lot of information on the trio, duo, and solo jewelry and augs. It's a bit easier to read than Kyros, as it's meant to be printed rather than looking up data on the fly. (saves from having to alt+enter out of eq, which keeps messing up my video.)

    It is also organized for easy lookup of augs, with augs grouped by the stats and level of stats given.

    I am, however missing some information that I was unable to find. I would appreciate any help in filling in some trivials. (they're not available here on eqtraders. some items are missing, others have unknown for trivial)

    *Note* ok, it's not going to let me post the editgrid link.. so thanks anyway. I would have appreciated any help i might have gotten if you were actually able to see my online version of the sheet. If you can look it up yourself, it's on editgrid, user name Aakanaar. If you'd like to see it, and can't find it, message me and I'll message back the url.


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    oh.. for more clarity.. the augs that i don't have trivials for, arn't even in eqtrader's database.. item not found.. these are four or five type 10, round cut augs.

    The jewelry for which i am missing trivials on, all say 'unknown'..


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      ok.. I got the trivial and information for the missing augs.. posted for addition to the database.. and fixed my spreadsheet (which i can now put is under

      Still missing some trivials for the jewelry itself.. if somene can help with that. I'd appreciate it.


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        I think you have the wrong trivial for Square Staurolite. but that is a fairly concise listing.
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          it's corrected now. thanks.
          It's pretty handy, and prints out nicely. two pages for the augs, and one for the jewelry.


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            Wow! This helps me TONS! With my playtime severely curtailed (maybe once a month now, if i'm lucky), I have not wanted to spend the time to figure out all the new jewelry options. This is perfect!

            Just now printed it out, and it printed on two pages total, most of the augs on one page with a little on the second, and all the jewelry in a small chart after the augs. Very compact and still seems easy to read (specially once I add my highlighter stripes to the columns and rows!)

            Thanks again, I had no idea I was missing out on such terrific jewelry.

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              Wow that is an awesome spreadsheet. I printed it out and it helps me a ton Thank you!



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                it gives me great pleasure to see other people linking my spreadsheets (I have two up there now) in reply to questions. It really makes me feel usefull.

                However.. and I do realize not many people want to waste palladium to make solo and duo jewelry; trio is always the best way to go; I still havn't got trivials for several pieces of Palladium Jewelry.

                I guess it doesn't matter too much as by the time you get into palladium jewelry you'll probably always want to make trio versions anyway. But I am one who likes to be complete. Besides, the trivials are missing here on eqtraders as well, so if someone found those trivials, they would be updating this site as well, through database submissions.

                I suppose, If I can get the material to make the palladium bars, I'll waste a few to find the trivials myself. Unfortunately I find that palladium bars and the raw material to make them is hard to find in the bazaar, at any price.

                So this request for help still stands.. Thanks for all the compliments, and the help I have had thus far.


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                  Morph, Scale Ore is to get (foraging), but anyway you posted you are on Tunare. Look up Gorse and send a tell I'll pass on some enchanted bars for you to play with.



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                    I have bout 200 palladium on me so I will try to make the jewlery tonight after golf
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