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    Well as I was looking at the recommended levels for the augs. I noticed something a bit strange.

    With a round cut opal and emerald the piece of Dwerium jewelry would have 100 hp and 100 mana for a level 49 wearer, but if you place a recommened level 65 aug (Trillion cut shimmering nihilite) it will go down to 94 hps.

    So what it looks like to me is, the augments are basing their stats on the recommened level of the jewelry and NOT the augs themselves. I know I said I liked recommened levels to not make them overpowered at low levels....but this side effect is kinda annoying.

    Any chance of looking into this Ngreth?

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    Read the following thread:

    There are others on this subject already, but Ngreth has replied to that one.

    Yther Ore.


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      Each gem is NOT based on the recommended level it has, but rather the total of the gems is based on the highest recommended level. It's always been that way. For instance: If you're lvl70 and have a piece of gear that's rec 70, required 65 but then put an aug that's rec lvl75 in it, the entire thing, gear and aug, will be rec lvl75.


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        recommended levels have been switched to the metals instead of teh gems, should make for less confusion now
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