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Palladium stats in Dwerium bug

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  • Palladium stats in Dwerium bug

    I'm level 61.
    Dwerium Trio, all slots.
    Modified stats on Marquise Cut Crimson Nihilite AC 7 HP 253.
    Unmodified stats AC 7 HP 270.

    These jewels should be AC 10 HP 375 unmodified no?

    The grief.
    Sister Amparo - Martial Artist

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    Have to remember that with last patch they now scale the stats down to your level. I know that at 75 all stats are maxed not sure on how they are scaled. I have a 26 SK i tweeked with this and now it is 1 in every stat. SO wwhat you see posted is the final results not scaled and can not use this to tweek characters anymore at low levels. This will hopefully drive down the insane prices.


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      the "unmodified" button shows what the script took it too. Then the base recommended code stacks on top of that, and that is the button difference.
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        I'm sorry. I don't understand.

        A level 1 character looking at a level 75 recommended item will see modified stats, something like ac 1 hp 10 etc.

        When you click the unmodified button, a level 1 can see what the full stats will be at 75.

        Why is this not the case with Dwerium jewelry?
        Sister Amparo - Martial Artist


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          Because the Gems are modified by the setting(metal) there is an extra set of steps/scripts to get the desired stats at any level. These extra scripts are what is causing the trouble when they interact with the rec level code.

          These gems were never supposed to be used as augments, those settings(metals) were never meant to be augmented. They are that way because the coders could not, or simply did not have the time, create new code to work for jewel crafting.
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