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Trilion Cut Taaffeite

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  • Trilion Cut Taaffeite

    Database has:
    Trilion Cut Taaffeite
    WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
    Class: NONE
    Race: NONE
    Find recipes that use this item.

    Put in a Dwerium Trio Pendant the stats show as:
    Trilion Cut Taaffeite
    Class: All
    Race: All
    Ear Face Neck Wrist Fingers

    Size: Tiny AC: 19
    Weight: 0.1 HP: 250
    Mana: 250
    End: 250

    Stamina: 23 Magic: 23
    Intelligence: 23 Fire: 23
    Agility: 23 Cold: 23
    Dexterity: 23 Disease: 23
    Poison: 23

    This Augment fits in slot types: 11 (Crafted: Group)
    This item can be used in tradeskills.

    You must use the solvent Delicate Gem Glue Solvent
    to remove this augment safely.

    I typed the above in by hand. If someone can confirm
    these are the same stats in another piece, ie ring or finger,
    I would recommend these stats be put on the Trilion Cut
    Taaffeite entry.

    Lvl 80 Druid FenninRo

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    Yes, those are the stats of one gem for one setting.
    Unfortunately, there are 7 metals that will affect that augment, so there is no "locked in" value. Given the humongous amount of combinations of jewelry, cuts, gemstones, and styles, there is no way we could possibly get all the information.

    More of a technicality, the result is not tradeskill made. It's an augment, which on can be affected by player level as well with the recommended and required levels of the item.

    I am pretty sure this site will not be posting augment stats.
    Hangovr Regrets

    The Nameless


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      If you have troubles understanding, try going to Kyros' JC calculator here:

      Select diffrent items in the drop down menus to see how things change. You should be able to figure it out.