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    Last night tried to combine a fire opal and enchanted electrium bar. Trival is 124 and combines in also any kit. I have all and kept getting you can not combine in this container. I am maxed out in all and tried this as ayoung jewelr in guidl dried and was frustrated as was trying to make for self. Our site shows it valid but it will not combine. Any idea why?

    Electrum Fire Wedding Ring
    Slot: FINGER
    AC: 3
    HP: +35
    WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL
    Slot type 7:empty
    EQ item ID: 14677

    Jewelcraft Components: Enchanted Electrum Bar, Fire Opal
    In: Jeweler's Kit, Planar Jeweler's Kit, Collapsible Jeweler's Kit
    Yield: 1
    Trivial at: 124
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    The combine of enchanted metals with gems was disabled at the SoF expansion. This gives way to the customer combining faceted gem(s) into new jewelery settings.

    However, all the old combines still work with non-enchanted metals.


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      thanks, they wilbe sorely disappointed. this is a player who doesnt have alot especially plat and wanted to make stuff for them selves as its cheaper that baz. I have give alot of stuff to them however they cant afford to make the plunge deep into JC to get up. Guess ill make them some stuff and tell them merry xmas.


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        Thank you Bedazzlerr, for asking this for me.

        Does this mean that none of the old enchanted recipies works anymore?

        Edit: never mind, I found the other thread which addressed this issue as well. I guess I will hve to skip to the new kinds of jewelery then.
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