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    Ok, just asking a weird question, as I am new to the JC/aug cutting market. Is it my imagination, or has the Jewel market crashed? On Stromm, my server, I see uncut gems selling for 45 plat, and augs with trivs in the 200s for 100 plat. Is this a normal phenomena, or a short term thing because Sony is flooding the loot tables with uncuts?

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    The revamp to jewelry has changed the market.

    It is still yet to be seen where the prices will end up.

    The uncut gems that drop are intended to be there to help people skill up above 200. I am not sure about any more than that, as I am already 300 and have not looked at the new recipes closely.
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      Actually the uncut can be used to make jewelry. Alot of the stats are already posed. Wish our prices would drop. However my guildies give me every stoen they fins reguardless as I am the only jeweler in guild. I had to make a new toon to hold all of them.


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        funny pricing

        on Bristlebane last night, the raw versions of some of the gems were going for much, much more than the individual cut versions, as the raw versions can give you a skill-up converting them to the cut versions. Either that, or the cut version sellers have gotten into a bidding war and the raw folks haven't been caught up in it, yet.
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          Or someone has been buying up all the raw versions

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            no, its all dropping for JC.

            Dwerium trio going 5K or less now, taaffs even under 20K.

            Oddly sublime symbols still 500K, exalted 50K.

            No slot 7 makes the JC items crap for anyone able to get real augs.

            Oh well.

            Edit to add on Drinal dwerium trios have held strong at 7-8K until this week, and taaffs were NEVER under 50K cut or not. Maybe we catching up to other servers now. Still, JC is no way to make plats. Faycite crystals still going for 6-12K. guess folks want to skill up on dwerium trios? at 10 combines possible every 8 hours?
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              I haven't seen any skill-ups off the uncut gems. must have done 100+ so far.

              Ngreth tells you, "hrm. oops." !!!!


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                Raw Shimmering nihiltes... 1K PLUS in baz Drinal. Cut selling 50pp..

                Faycite crystals still 6-12K each, dwerium trio dropped below 4K today.

                I still make dwerium jewelry for guildies. But only way I see feasible without hunting and begging groups for the drops is to BD to 300. My guild is small, and shimm nihils mean nothing, we have over 100 cut banked (for what I dont know)....

                this is an odd sport to say the least.