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    Has anyone tried improving on the augs from SoF? According to this.. An Open Letter Part 2, which I got with Part 1 that told me how to cut Flowstones and Gemstones:

    An Open Letter to All Jewelcrafters, Smiths, Alchemists and those that know something about how substances interact negatively with the body.

    Part 2 by Anonymous.

    Once cut, the augments can then be etched. This requires one of two special acids that are created by an alchemist. If you don't know an alchemist, those that work with the darker side of mixing up solutions can probably also make the acid you need. The acids are called Slugworm Acid and Treanic Acid. Basically, it's a simple acid mixed with another ingredient to make it work the right way with specific stones.

    Slugworm Acid (used on the Flowstones) requires a jar of acid and a slugworm.

    Treanic Acid (used only on the gemstones) requires a jar of acid and some Trean Flies.

    In order to create the needed pattern on the stone into which to pour the acid, a special resin must be created. There are two of these resins, Reduced Amber Resin and Hydrated Amber Resin.

    Hydrated Resin is amber resin, a water flask and rosin.

    Reduced Resin is amber resin, a gnomish heat source and mastic.

    In order to make the proper impression in the resin, you will need one of the marks that you can purchase from a few discrete vendors. Use these to impress the resin with a pattern, then use a dihedral burin to clean the impression so that the acid can reach the stone in the proper places. We've found that alchemist and those that make poisons are capable of making these etchings, but even for them, it is a complicated task that can ruin the stone.

    The mark that you choose to etch onto the stone will determine the nature of the power that the etching gives the stone. Choose these carefully, once a stone is etched, it cannot be undone.

    Once you have etched a stone, you can, if you can afford it, place a special inlay into the etching. There are two inlays that we know of, one made from white gold and one from black gold.

    Making this inlay is a task for a good smith. It requires the careful blending of the molten gold with one of two types of dust that can be found on Discord. White gold will only mix with a fine dust that we have discovered. Black gold will only mix with a rarer kind of dust that we have been calling scoriae.

    If done carefully by an alchemist or poison maker, combining these items will create an inlay that can be added to the stone once it is etched and will enhance the power of that stone.

    There is one property of these stones that I must explain. Once you use these stones, they will become attuned to you. Once you seal them into a piece of your equipment you will be unable to give them to another person. You will be able to move them from one piece of equipment to another, but they will not leave you.

    The above indicates that a shammie or rogue can make the augs more powerful. I had a rogue do the combines for the Treanic Acid, which was tagged Shammie, but worked for her also. Then, according to her, she tried all possible combines of the Reduced Amber Resin, Dihedral Burin, Treanic Acid, Mark of Potency and Round Cut Emerald without success. Any ideas?

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    The book isn't for the SOF stones, Darl. The recipes in question are for the Omens of War augments --- do a hunt on "Radiant Cut Kyanite" and "Radiant Cut Waterflow" for examples.

    Though, it's certainly an interesting thought for the new augs --- those effects would really make the Dwerium rings worthwhile.
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      Sigh, Alla didnt have the text up for either letter, so I thought they (both part 1 and part 2) came from the new expansion. Hope we can use these somehow tho.