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WARNING - SoF jewelry gems now attunable

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    After re-re-re-reading the original post, I see how I didn't read between the lines. My mistake, move along now, nothing to see here.
    I call for the elimination of EQ levels 1-50.


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      Originally posted by Flehmen View Post
      move along now, nothing to see here.

      If that isn't the movie quote I think it is, please disregard
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        Originally posted by Bobaten View Post
        Every thing you described worked exactly as it should have. That's exactly the attuning process. Armor becomes attuned when you wear it for the first time, augments become attuned when you insert them. Augments already pop up a message asking "Are you sure?" so they don't have a second one. This is not new. This is the definition of attunable. Tradeskillers have been dealing in attunable augments for over 3 years now (in fact, as far as I know, the only attunable augments that are not tradeskilled are the raw OoW augs..and those are tradeskill components). This is how it works. Somewhere on this board there is a post by the programmer who implemented attuning. He was specifically instructed to set it to happen when the augment was inserted and not when the augmented item is worn.
        However - all other augments that are tradeable one can see the stats before one equips them. (For example: the cultural armor augements.) The problem with the new jewel craft is that currently jewelers cannot set stones into jewelry prior to trade or sale because they become attuned and therefore no drop, and persons who want crafted jewelry cannot see the stats of the gems available until after they receive and equip it, thus making it no drop by attuning it.


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          According to Bobaten's description above, the work-around seems to be maintaining a partial stack of non-attuned augments. After you attune an augmentation to check its stats, drop it into the non-attuned stack to un-attune it. I dont think base jewelry carries the attunable flag (just becomes NO DROP when carrying an attuned augment) so simply removing the augment makes it tradable again.

          Its not ideal but until a visible stat fix for scripted augmentations is implemented it should get the job done.
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            Does not work after Feb 6 patch anymore

            The attunable / non-attunable "trick" does not work any more. It just swaps the items as if they were completely different. SO all the prestidigitase I made for my tunes when the recommended levels went to the gems are lost time and money.

            My suggestion is to institute a moratorium on "attuned / no drop" loose gems for the next few weeks until this all shakes out. Make all loose gems tradeable for 2 weeks of so.


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              There is still the shared bank corruption issue. We cannot remove the attunable flag until that is fixed.
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                Originally posted by Ngreth Thergn View Post
                There is still the shared bank corruption issue. We cannot remove the attunable flag until that is fixed.
                Dumb bugs making the Ogre's life hard

                Go beat on the Erudites ( ) door and get those big brains of theirs working (But speak nicely to them ). But don't bash too hard ( ), they tend to be fragile. And while your waiting for them to fix it, much on some cake .
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                  Perhaps add an exchange script to one of the NPCs on the PoK or Baz?

                  With the new metal rec levels it is a little bit of a moot point, but if it isn't working as intended with the "no trade" flag a little more hacking might be in order and I understand scripts such as these are not "difficult" to add.
                  I call for the elimination of EQ levels 1-50.