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Tradeskill books that can be scribed

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    The Articles on Holding - purchased from Garik Nogflop [The Master Collector] in sunrise hills

    I have gained 3-4 skill ups in tailoring (301-350) when scribing this book on various toons. On the last one, I did combines till I gained a skill up, then scribed the book, then did more combines. Since it is 16 combines per skill up, and I gained 3 skill ups, and got another skill up on the very next recipe, I concluded the book gave me 63 new recipes

    Garik Nogflop [The Master Collector] also has Garik's Secrets of Bag Expansion, but I had scribed that one long ago so I have no info on skill ups or recipes.
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      I missed some books in pok. Apparently Tratlan Matrick in pok only sells if your tailoring skill is a base of 300.


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        Tradeskill recipe scribe book vendors:
        Note - Certain books require a minimum skill level to view on a vendor (eg Tailored Armor Step XIII). Once your skills reach 300 you will be able to see all the books.

        PoK - 6 cultural book vendors outside of library
        a cultural smithing historian
        a cultural tailoring historian
        a cultural discoveries historian
        a cultural tinkering historian
        a cultural historian
        a tradeskill armor historian

        PoK - Scribe Zikett

        PoK - Blacksmith Gerta
        search vendor for "Weapon Smithing" (10 books)

        PoK - Tailor Kujen
        search vendor for "Weapon Tailoring" (10 books)

        PoK - Jeweler Nonny
        search vendor for "Weapon Augmenting" (10 books)

        PoK - Culturist Devari
        Compendium of (your race) Cultural Crafting

        Sunrise Hills - Garik Nogflop
        Garik's Secrets of Bag Expansion
        The Articles on Holding

        Brell's Rest - Useful Automated Vendor (next to Shining City entrance)
        Black Acrylia Weapon Ornament Sketchbook
        Ceramic Weapon Ornament Sketchbook
        On Quivering

        Optional (I think these don't count on your way to 350):
        Thuliasaur Island - Armorer Xochtli (requires progression)
        Thaell Ew Ritual Armor
        Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay - Seller of Salvaged Souls (requires progression)
        The Lost Art of Working with Wither and Decay
        Empires of Kunark expansion drop
        Simple Secrets of the Combine Hero
        Ring of Scale expansion drop
        Simple Work of the Sarnak Hero
        Frostfell - Time for a Change drop
        Cured Bacon Recipe
        Chocolate Bacon Recipe
        Bacon Soda Recipe
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