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Extravagant Gnomish Cultural Tinkering book

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  • Extravagant Gnomish Cultural Tinkering book

    Perhaps I'm missing something, but the above book is listed here and on another site as being available from a cultural historian in the Plane of Knowledge. I only see the blacksmithing and tailoring books. I've searched all the surrounding book vendors as well. Do I have to be a certain skill level to see it? I'm at 266 in tinkering.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, those books require some minimum skills to see. I can't test for you because my tinker is already maxed.

    But I did just confirm I can see them on my necro tinkerer who has 340 skill so far, but I can't see them on my gnome enchanter who only has 56 in tinkering.
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      Thanks, Aanuvane - that would explain it!

      In the interest of providing another data point to zero in on the level requirement, the Extravagant Gnomish Cultural Blacksmithing book is visible at 305 skill in blacksmithing, and the Tailoring one is visible at 300 skill.

      So most likely, the vendor will show those books to us at a skill of somewhere in between 266 and 300.

      Thanks for the information!
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