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    Necroing an old thread, but I have a good reason for it. (necroing my account for that matter, haven't posted in here in ages!)

    Some of these stones no longer give the same bonuses they used to. After they converted all the old heroic mod gear to give heroic stats, these got that treatment. The chart never got updated though. Since it's newly current content right now on the Phinigel server, here's the more up-to-date data on the augments.

    Sphalerite: +Int/Wis (Formerly DoT Shielding) 1/2/3
    Celestine : +Int/Wis (Formerly Spell Shielding) 1/2/3

    Citrine: +Str (Formerly Dmg Shield) 2/4/5

    Howlite: +Agi (Formerly Strikethrough) 1/2/3

    Apatite: +Sta (Formerly Stun Resist) 1/2/3


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      Citrine base is +2 damage shield (shoulder only if interested)

      edit: Polished is also +2 damage shield, so it should be +2, +2, +4, 6


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        I suggest using Alla's/Lucy/Magelo for current stats on all items. It's much to tedious to edit items in EQTC.
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