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Steel Working Knife: what classes?

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  • Steel Working Knife: what classes?

    I was unable to make the Steel Working Knife earlier on Phinny with Halfling Druid. I'm sure I had the recipe correct. I bought the molds in PoK (there was a related post that said something about there being two Dagger Blade Molds, but that the ones in PoK work). I worship Karana.

    This combine works on this server, I'm sure of that.

    Are druids incapable of doing the combine for the Steel Arrowshaft and Steel Working Knife?

    That would suck...

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    Are you a karana worshipper? The recipes says Karana only.
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      Originally posted by Aanuvane View Post
      Are you a karana worshipper? The recipes says Karana only.
      Sorry I should have posted the obvious.

      Yes, of course I am. Halfling Druid, Karana worshipper.

      It does say the recipe for the Knife is restricted to certain classes, but it does not say WHAT classes. It's pretty clear to me that Druid is not one of them. ;-)

      But what I want to know, is if Druid can do the final combine for the Steel Guardian Arrows, since that recipe does NOT say that it is restricted to certain classes...

      I can have a Ranger friend make the Knife for me, not a biggie, and even the Steel Arrowshafts (which also says is restricted to certain classes), but what I need to know is if a Druid can do the final combination of the arrow? Or the bows? Or pretty much any other Surefall Fletching Kit combination?

      I was able to use the kit to make non-Mark of Karana recipes, such as the Fishbone Darts.


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        I got this working using the molds from Rivervale instead of PoK.

        It's possible the molds were fine and I accidentally tried Pod of Water. Either way, it's working, and I can confirm that Halfling Druids *can* do this combine...