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Brewing for Alcohol Tolerance

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  • Brewing for Alcohol Tolerance

    I am looking for a brewed item through which one can skill alcohol tolerance.
    Ideal recipe would be cheap, have componesnts that are readily available in a single location, make a lot
    Would such recipe be "better" than merchant supplies such as red wine, short beer, etc?

    Note: i have seached Lucy for varying potency of standard alcolol products. The only ones I can find that have a rating are the ones that also give a run-speed boost.

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    Hmmm... I max'd Alcohol Tolerance using Gypsy Wine (got it in Hills of Shade while doing my tasks there). Was pretty cheap. Not sure if you'll find a combine that'll be cheaper.

    If you are working your skill, I think I skilled up on Mino's Hero Brew for a while, but can't remember for sure. Sorry...
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      I have never done, or seen, any study on the potency of different alchohols. For all I know, they are all exactly the same. If there is a difference though, I would find the one that has the least impact on your drunkeness as a skillup is related to each consumption, so clicking more times before you are smashed has more chances for skillups in the shortest amount of time.

      I suppose that a stonger alchohol may have a better chance per click than a weaker one... hmmm...

      If you are working brewing at the same time then the Mino Brew that Drazz mentioned would be a good choice... you will make lots of them and all components are sold within feet of each other (in Abysmal for sure). If you aren't skilling up, I would just buy it... less hassle.
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        A sort of shortcut I have always used to max out my alcohol tolerance, is to buy tons of the cheap red wine that many vendors sell (stock up as much as you can, since you will soon be bobbing and weaving all over the place, which can make it hard to target the vendor again to re-stock), and just start drinking. Once you get the message that you can't possibly drink any more, just wait about six seconds and you will be able to take another drink. Skillups seem to come pretty quickly at all levels of skill, and after an hour or so (depending on your starting skill) you will be maxed out and done with it.

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