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Isn't all the new Cultural great?

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  • Isn't all the new Cultural great?

    Oh wait. I'm a half-elf.

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    Not sure I understand your comment (I double checked the date of it). I am a half-elf as well, and I love the new cultural. With augs, I am running at over 1k hp a piece with a hefty AC bump over my previous gear.

    How exactly is being a half-elf restrictive with the new cultural armor?
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      My alt is a half elf paladin and I'm going to try to raise his smithing from 220ish to 300 and make some armor since my work schedule no longer allows me to raid. Can someone point me in the right direction to start the cultural armor quests please?


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        Find Vor Westrider in North Qeynos near the Priest of Discord.

        You say, 'Hail, Vor Westrider'

        Vor Westrider says, 'And hail to you as well, traveler. What news? It's nice to hear from someone of mixed heritage like myself. I often fear our kind will never be fully understood by either elves or human. Though we pass through their lands, we are always a little [uncomfortable] in either community. At least we half elves understand each other.'

        You say, 'Uncomfortable?'

        Vor Westrider says, 'You know what I mean. When traveling through elven communities, we must duck under their doorways and when visiting our human kin, we receive skeptical stares at our pointed ears. Not to mention, it's impossible to find armor from either race that fits properly. Human clothing is baggy in the shoulders and elven armor tends to chafe in the . . . well. . . you know what I mean, [right]?'

        You say, 'Right'

        Vor Westrider says 'Tell you what -- I contracted a half elven artisan to make me a pattern book for armor specifically for us. I made a suit and it fits perfectly. If you'd like, I can make you a copy of the pattern [book]. I also have some advanced armor [patterns] you may be interested in.'

        You say, 'I'll take a book'

        Vor Westrider says 'Excellent, I can make you a pattern book, but first I'm going to need some materials. Bring me a fire beetle carapace for the cover, a patch of zombie skin for the pages, a golden bandit tooth for the clasp, and a lion tail to grind down and make a salve which will protect and preserve the finished product. I have heard these resources can be found in Western Karana. Once I have these things, I can create the pattern book for ya.'

        Quest Items to get your Ancestral Book:
        Fire Beetle Carapace, Zombie Skin, Bandit Tooth, Lion Tail
        Squeaky Toy
        300 Smithing 7/7 - 300 Tailoring 7/7 - 300 Jewelcraft 7/7 - 300 Tinkering 7/7 - 300 Pottery 7/7 - 300 Research 7/7 - 300 Baking 7/7 - 300 Brewing 7/7 - 300 Fletching 7/7
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          Thank you very much. I don't know much about cultural yet but is this the same quest needed to make Stalwart Wayguard armor? It seems a bit too easy for the good stuff.


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            All the armor (no matter which level) uses the same molds/patterns.
            The augment quests contain the extra difficulty for higher levels.

            You will need to reach 300 smithing before you can see, buy, and scribe the books to make Stalwart armor. You cannot make the armor until you have scribed the book.
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