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I am lost and ready to screem!

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  • I am lost and ready to screem!

    Let me start by saying I am a returning player after a several year break. Do you know how hard it is to try to get back up to speed on everything that has changed over those years.

    I am up for a challenge, really I am, however, this is crazy. What am I talking about, I'll tell you, there is nothing anywhere, I have been searching for several days now and can not find anything that will help me with the problem.

    What is the problem you ask? I'll tell you! I can not find my way around any longer that is the problem! The old map sites that I was used to using have not been updated since I stopped playing I think!

    I do have all the current expansions and would really like to head to some of the "new" to me areas, however, do you think I could find a map anywhere that will tell me how to get to any of them no!!, not only no but "h e double hocky sticks" no!

    Ok, there are some very obvious areas, but the areas that are not so obvious are the ones that are so frustrating, or even more so are the old areas that have been changed so that how I used to get into a zone no longer works and there is not information out there on what the change is.

    So if anyone has a good site for information I would be very greatfull for the help. I may have put this in the wrong thread, but I have had it! and thought, that is what this thread is for. I do have primal screeming going on here in the McFatii house, have you not heard it?
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  • #2 will let you download ingame maps. You unzip them into your map folder in the EQ directory. You then access your ingame maps with backspace or M.

    If it's zone connections you need, there's now an atlas tab on the map window, where you can select a region & see what connects to what. If you're not sure what region it's in, you can look up individual zones on, & it will list all zones it connects too. Lots of other useful info there too.


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      As beryon said, Mapfiend is what most people are using.

      The zone connection map in-game is useful and if you want to have that printed use Samanna's map thingy.

      Some of the newer expansion have exploration quests. Slipgear in DoDH and the Wanderlust from TSS come to mind.