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    Glad someone started this. Now everyone be patient while I try to figure this out.
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      No signature tests!! As stated in the Please do not post "TEST" OR "SIG TEST" post in the Visitor's Corner forum, signature tests are completely unnecessary and unwelcome.

      All you have to do is, instead of hitting Submit, hit Preview. I suggest getting your Profile up in one browser window and opening up the form to post a new message in another browser window. Make your changes to your sig in your profile window, and then in the message window type something so it acknowledges the post and hit Preview to see how it will look. Rinse, repeat. You can see exactly how your changes will look without cluttering up the forums.

      I'm sorry if this is worded a bit sternly, but I'm sure it's going to be something many folks will find tempting as we all switch to the new boards. I'm leaving this here as a notice to anyone else who hasn't read the house rules. Any further sig tests (or other violations of the house rules) will be subject to the wrath of the House Ogre! So don't do it!!
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