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Master Artisan available on Zek

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  • Master Artisan available on Zek

    Assuming anyone even looks at this buried forum, check the sig. In it are links to my toons and up-to-date tradeskill stats. Just about anything that can be tradeskilled, I can make it...and if I can't make it, chances are I know someone who can help you. So hit me up with a PM, a tell in-game, or an EQemail and let's get down to business.
    Durell Spider`Monkey - 70 HUM MNK - Pandemonium - Zek
    Tuis Hajidodger - 70 HUM MAG
    Bake 300T7M1 : Brew 300T7M1 : Fletch 300T7M1 : JC 300T7 : Pot 300T7M1 : Tailor 300T6M2
    Smith 300T7M2 : Fishing 195C : Research 271T5+M3 : Salvage 3
    Delgnome Pandeminimum 60 GNM SHD: Tink 300T6 : Smith 261GM3 : Salvage 1
    Wikkn Hajidodger 60 HFL DRU: Smith 260T5M3 : Tailor 247T5M3 : Salvage 1
    Bazoika Hajidodger 35 DWF BER: Smith 170
    Botumbo Rotundo 60 OGR WAR: Smith 210M3 : Tailor 0 : Salvage 1
    Abhorrentx Hajidodger 55 HEF BRD: Smith 215