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    Hello all,

    I am looking for quotes on a full set of Fierce Heraldic plate. You supply all items, strictly cash deal. I would also like a quote for a full set, assuming I farm the metal/temper/gems and do all non cultural subcombines.



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    The big issue on Heraldic is... Essence of Sunlight. On Darkscale, it's finding an Ogre Smith.

    And when you say "a Full Set", do you mean visible and non-visible slots?

    When customers come to me on a budget, I am very honest with them about certain things... There are better items for the cost than Cultural Plate on many slots... like Hands, Waist (gonna want Haste here or back most likely), Neck, Head & Face.

    I can quote prices on stuff I have in stock, and give discounts for multiple-item purchases... but I think many Smiths will agree that quoting orders is not something we like to do. After failing 5 Blessed Artkeeper's Gloves in a row, I still only sold them for 4kpp. :\ (BTW, that's 12 BDs, plus Mithril & Tempers... I think I might have broken even.)
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      Yes please, prices on whatever fierce heraldic you have or can make. Either with or without materials.