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  • trading in kind

    I'm looking to get my hands on imbued emeralds.

    I'm prepared to offer enchanter mana for them.


    gem studded chains:
    2 imbued emeralds for a gem studded gem attempt - you supply gems and silver bars (I can make worked silver chains or you bring). I'm max modified plus geerlok, success rate is around 50 percent.

    mana vials and metal enchants:
    I trade 2 enchanter mana for 1 imbue mana - you supply the both gems or gems and bars (vial and imbue/enchant). If viscous mana is 100 to cast (I'm pretty sure it is), you bring me a stack for 20 pearls (94pp), 20 poison vials (30pp), and 5 imbued emeralds - you get a stack of viscous mana back.

    I can enchant up to velium, I can make any vials except the purified (and I'm halfway through 47 - it's a 49 spell).

    Quantities may be limited.