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Shock: Tradeskiller lives on Bertoxx!

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  • Shock: Tradeskiller lives on Bertoxx!

    I notice that it's been a long time since anyone posted anything on the Bertoxx boards here. Does anyone come here anymore? I often check in but haven't seen anything new for what seems like forever.

    I'm 200 in all trades, but for tailoring (204) and Smithing (284). Always willing to help with any tradeskill stuff too.

    As my play time is a bit weird and I don't have time to xp group outside the weekends, I'm happy to be a 'subcombine mule' if anyone needs vast quantities of anything that can easily be made (not much into farming - being a Warrior its slow for me to farm anything), so let me know and I'm sure we can work something out.

    All the best
    Kcalehc K'Venalis
    Teir`Dal Overlord
    Officer, Trader and Gentleman
    Order of the Raven's Tear
    Tholuxe Paells (Bertoxxulous)