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  • New Recurve Bows

    Has anyone any info on the strings required for the new bows. I"m stumped 8-(

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    Tried the different levels of silk (think 2 silks) with a clump of wax?
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      Bump OP question. I've seen the symbols for them but not the bows themselves. Any hints?
      Fennin Ro


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        My curiosity piqued by this thread and hints elsewhere, I checked Lucy and found the official instruction book. Following is the quote of the text.

        Recurve Bow Diagrams

        This book contains diagrams which detail the construction of several types of Recurve Bows.

        It states that a bowstring will first need to be fashioned by a fletcher using a Clump of Wax and two identical pieces of any of the following silk:
        Sullied Silk
        Crude Silk
        Fine Silk
        Superb Silk
        Flawless Silk
        Exquisite Silk
        Immaculate Silk

        Next is the planing and assembly of the bow. The staff will need to be planed then sanded with the appropriate sandpaper. Then the finished bow stave is to be soaked in a solution of appropriate spinneret fluid. Finally attach the string. A recurve bow diagram will be needed for assembly.
        In Lucy I found also several items when I looked for "sandpaper" and also there is an item called Recurve Bow Diagram.

        As I see it, the question remains on the "staff". Use any of the them from the merchant?
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          i thought that the 1hb skill mod listed on these items was interesting so i made them. there is no 1hb mod; lucy is misinterperating the data.

          so basically, the stalwart recurve bow is just a range weapon along the same line as the other stalwart player made weapons introduced last year. this weapon is a year late and already obsolete.

          this is underpants contribution to fletching. i would of liked to of seen at least a new arrow or a revamp of the quiver system that takes up one of my container slots. keep up the good work...

          Zen Archer