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Book: Bonding of Cosgrove Clay and Armor

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  • Book: Bonding of Cosgrove Clay and Armor

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    not scribeable.. just to read.


    The properties of Cosgrove Clay allow it to be bonded to a piece of armor using a bonding agent. Only clay encrusted with certain metals has been found suitable for the bonding process.

    The base armor template will need to be Immaculate Silk or Leather, or Vanadium Chain or Plate. Your friendly crafter should be able to make this for you. Next you will need a bonding agent appropriate to your class. Finally you will need some Cosgrove Clay encrusted with metal.

    Simply apply the clay and bonding agent to the armor in the heat of a kiln. The magic of the clay will take care of the rest.

    NOTE - it has been found that certain wrist armors contain a dominant and a a recessive effect. If you wish you bring out the recessive effect, simply place the armor in a Box of Latent Energies. The previously dominant effect will become recessive. If you wish to reverse this, just place the armor back in the box.

    This has only been found to work with Shadowknight, Shaman, Necromancer, and Beastlord armor.
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    This book is the instructions on how to create the standard tier armor for the expansion.
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