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Can I have more than one tradeskill over 200?

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  • Can I have more than one tradeskill over 200?

    Q: Can I have more than one trade skill over 200?

    A: Yes. You can have one of the basic trade skills above 200, up to 300 skill.
    The basic tradeskills are: Baking, Brewing, Tailoring, Smithing, Jewelcraft, Pottery, Fletching.

    You can also raise a Class Specific skill: Poison Making (Rogues) or Alchemy (Shaman) to a maximum of 300 if you are the right class, without using any AAs.

    Q: What about New Tannan Crafting Mastery? Can I really have more than one 300 trade skill?

    A: That is a ability that can be purchased by characters at the level of 51 and higher by spending Alternate Advancement points.

    This ability costs 3 AA points for each level. Each level of this ability allows you to raise one additional basic trade skill above 200.

    Q: Which skill will New Tannan Crafting Mastery raise? Can I pick?

    A: This skill gives you the ability to raise one additional skill past 200. The next skill you practice to the level of 201 or higher is the one raised. To raise further skills you would need to buy a new rank of New Tannan Crafting Mastery.
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