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The ascent forage table

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  • The ascent forage table

    I was wondering if coarse salt would be easier to forage in the Ascent cause of the short forage table you provided, but it seems the forage table is the same than the other DoN zones with the 37 elements (yes you missed two : the silkworm larva, confirmed, and the fishing grubs, confirmed also, both missing in Broodlands foraging table.

    At least 24 over 37 are sure at the moment, but i guess it's all the same :
    Air-Infused Spring Water, Blue Nightwort, Burnberry, Camphor Leaf, Coarse Salt, Cryptanthus, Deadly Ivy, Draconic Essence, Firefly, Fishing grubs, Fruit, Lime, Marsh Algae, Marsh Gas, Mature Silkworm, Nettle Creeper, Olive, Pod of Water, Red Cups, Roots, silkworm larva, Silkworm, Sky Vine, Storm Cloud, Vegetables.

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    Updated the sources based on your feedback.

    Aanuvane Bristlecone - Druid - Povar via Quellious via Rodcet Nife
    AKA Muertenie, Melodee, Orelinde, Nounie, Gnomess, Cininea Ashryn, Mairede or a host of additional alts. Maybe also be found on Rabon, Kynsh or Atracker.