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Simple Charm of Physical Adaptation

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  • Simple Charm of Physical Adaptation

    There are 2 recipes : the (Leather) one (id 36830, using Dusty Marrow) may be learned by scribing Simple Charms, though the (Metal) one (id 37368, using Alkaline Loam) does not and has to be made manually in order to be learned.

    Thanks Soulbanshee for reporting this.

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    I sent Ngreth a PM on this and also these 3 are missing from Elegant Charms scroll and need to be manually made.

    48439 Elegant Charm of Mental Invention (Cloth)
    48422 Elegant Charm of Physical Adaptation (Leather)
    48430 Elegant Charm of Physical Invention (Cloth)


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      Took the scribe to learn notes of Simple Charm of Physical Adaptation, Elegant Invention and Elegant Adaptation. Elegant Invention already has a note on it that it isn't learned by scribing.
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