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  • Secret Dawn Mace Muhbis

    This combine says to use Trillion Cut Elder Mist Diamond but it didnt really use it, just use Round Cut Elder Mist Diamond and Half Moon Cut Elder Mist Diamond and the other related items, hope this helps

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    Removed Trillion diamond - thanks - but you can confirm that it took round and half moon?

    The reason why I ask, is that if I am recollecting correctly - the TBL book said just look at the "combine" book and the combine recipe for the Conflagrant Mace calls for Oval and Trillion.

    Someone else was kind enough to provide most of the recipes to me offline - I haven't (and won't) be able to verify on my own.

    Thanks for your help.

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      Yeah i confirm it, was trying to make it but with the trillion in i cant, removed it and worked