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  • 297 and holding

    with no available material to finish

    The bazaar on Emarr has been wiped out by folks working up their tradeskills in prep for underfoot.

    I been hunting in earth for tungston. anybody got a better idea for finishing off those last 3 points??? im pretty broke atm, I have less than 10K left so i think im gonna be stuck on this one
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    At 297, you're probably better off farming/collecting cobalt ore. Make the template, then make the armor. If you haven't already, you'll need to do some dinky level 20ish quest to get the molds to make the armor.

    Making the armor has a built in 5% skill up bonus. Where it may take 40 to 50 attempts to get a single skill up, when you make the armor it'll only take maybe 18 attempts (if you include the skill up chance when making the template too).

    Sometimes people will make the cobalt templates and sell them right back to a vendor near the forges. So sometimes you can find them on vendors there and save the trouble of farming/buying the cobalt ore. Just make sure the template has a corresponding makeable armor though. There's lots of double idiots out there who not only sell back their templates without making armor, but actually make templates that can't be made into armor (neck, waist, etc).
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      Another choice is go into partnership with someone wanting to max Tinkering or Jewelcraft. After the player makes Silver Conduit Cylinder (or the like) using Sunshard Ore (trivial 303), you make Linked Energeiac Chain or Plate Wristguard (trivial 303). Material is somewhat expensive but sell-back is about 50 percent of cost.


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        thanx for that idea i pushed to 299 !! 1 more point to go


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          aaaaaannnnd Ding 300 thanx all for the advice


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