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  • Pale Golden Maul

    I am trying to make this Pale Golden Maul but am meeting a barrier. One of the components is Pale Nihilite possibly converted from Raw Pale Nihilite. Although I have collected several kinds of Raw Nihilite, none is Pale and I can find no links to it on Allakhazam, Lucy or Magelo.

    There is some hint that perhaps Raw Crimson Nihilite might be the original product. This produces Crimson Hihilite when converted by Jewelery npc in Abysmal and in Reinforced Jewelery Kit. But when handled by a smith maybe is supposed to produce Pale Nihilite. I tried a forge with the result "does not combine". I tried two smiths in Abysmal Sea and both handed the Raw gem back to me.

    Can someone provide clues as to how to proceed?

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    Crimson Nihilite can be used where pale nihilite was to make weapon recipes.
    Found this quote from Ngreth in a JC thread about the nihilite changes.

    They may have discontinued the pale weapon recipes as well. What are you trying to make this item for?
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      If you know any long time tradeskill junkies, check with them, they might have some stashed. If you are on Tunare, send an email with a good time that works for you, I know I still have some on a mule.

      I will second Aldier comment. If you are just looking for a level appropriate weapon I would recommend Ornate Defiant Skullstaff (or similar).



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        It is perhaps simply for the joy of using a weapon he made himself?

        I still have a couple of characters using weapons that may not be the best possible choice, but I made the sword or the hammer with my own hands and I would rather use it than any mass dropped item out there.

        Should you be on luclin, drop me a tell. I too may still have some of the stuff on a mule.