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Crystal Harvester - different ingredients sharing the same name

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  • Crystal Harvester - different ingredients sharing the same name

    For the item called Crystal Harvester:

    The recipe has the correct ingredient names, however the "Faced Crystal" and "Tin Ore" currently listed points to a different item with the same name as the correct version.

    The correct version of Faceted Crystal is:

    which has a yellow crystal icon similar to Prestidigitase, and is flagged Lore and Quest, tradeable.

    and for "Tin Ore" the correct item is:

    which has a pink icon similar to basic Acrylia and Velium

    All the 4 ingredients only drop in the 15th-Anniversary mission "Sprucing Up Shakey". Notably "Tin Ore" and "Faceted Crystal" are the special versions that (only?) drop in this mission, not like the same items that drop in many EQ zones and used in other recipes.

    The recipe is just as listed here, trivial 15, but with the alternate version of Faceted Crystal and Tin Ore:
    • Tin Ore (2)
    • Faceted Crystal (1)
    • Burled Wood (6)
    • Crystal Harvester Mold (1)
    Please note that this recipe IS learnable by doing the above combine inside the mission, but does not count towards 350 tradeskills.

    Please consider updating the "Source" of these 4 ingredients and the Crystal Harvester itself, to point to the NPCs in this mission:

    Tin Ore = goblins
    Faceted Crystal = bandits
    Burled Wood = treants
    Crystal Harvester Mold = Spinner (both dropped by him, and quested from him inside the mission)


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    Added the faceted Crystal and the Tin Ore and updated the recipe.

    Added a comment to the Crystal harvester that it is for the Sprucing Up Shakey task.

    Added a zone and sources.
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