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Default Ding 90!

DING 90!

Woo-hoo! 3rd level 90 crafter.

Lady Karazara Twoflower, 90th rank carpenter & 450 tinker; Aerie Kolmas, Kelethin
Ayobii Xorith, 90th rank tailor; Terrace Standards, Gorowyn
Nakaris Twoflower, 90th rank jeweler; Qeynos Village Inn, Baubbleshire, Qeynos
Kawazu Kruppta, 60th rank armorer; Valor Homesteads, New Halas
Plobo Fayfire, 22nd rank sage; Silver Leaf Inn, Kelethin

Member of Jaggedpine Defenders, Guk server
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Default Wtg

Grats from Oasis
90 Dwarf Ranger
Master Weaponsmith lv 90

Master Sage lv 90
Master Alchemist lv 90
Master Jeweler lv 90

Guardians of the Shadow Realm

just ask a guildy is Aiir is on.. i usually am
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