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Niami DenMother
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Default Dec. 21: Odds and Ends

A few things I have gleaned from Discord and a few other bits of info:
  • The Frostfell Kittens from the marketplace will be able to be sold for status, as intended, after the next patch. (They accidentally had their base info copied from dropped familiars instead of marketplace ones.)
  • The Planar Adornments book for crafted white adorns fell off the loot drop table, and will be fixed so it will actually drop with the next patch. There is still no word on if distillations/dilutions will be included or not.
  • Orange adornment recipes are now dropping. I have an unconfirmed rumor that they were from the T3 heroic PoP instance. No more details at this point, but if we do not get distillation/dilution recipes, expect level 101+ adept prices to soar as they will be the only source of the planar fragments, and you will need 200 for each orange adorn. (And it is only a chance of getting a fragment, not guaranteed, when transmuting adepts.)
  • Some PoP mastercrafted gear now use purified (refined) rares for stat boosts. Unfortunately, strand of ether still cannot be refined, so MC cloth armor and belts will be waiting until this is fixed. (No ETA, but I tagged Caith about it in addition to submitting a /bug.)
  • There is an adventuring quest/achievement involving heroic instances and crafting. No, I do not have details as it was something tested internally, not on beta. I would love details for the site BUT only if someone wants to write it all up and hand it to me. I just cannot handle the extra back-and-forth of a zillion questions to clarify it all, and I am not ready to deal with pick-up groups to run heroics to figure it out myself.
  • Please do not spam me with tells right now if you see me on. I am at my limit, and really need some "me" time to noodle about in peace. Thank you!
  • The next patch will be sometime after the new year begins. For all who are celebrating any holiday during this time, may your holidays be happy and safe.

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