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Default Are bloodlines/ancient teachings still worth pursuing?

I've been away from EQ2 for about 4 years but have returned and i'm loving playing again. I checked the site here, but couldn't find the answer to my question (below):

I noticed my low level necromancer has a version of vampire bats - which looks very similar to the higher level blsdoline spell of horde of bats. Have the bloodlines lines been incorporated as regular spells now? What about Ancient teachings, have they been incorporated into to the normal levelup process as well?
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Niami DenMother
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Welcome back!

I'd need to triple-check, but I'm pretty sure you still need the bloodlines version for the level (34? 35?) version of the spells. Thankfully, the line is pretty easy to do these days, and the books are fully tradeable, so folks who have run the line can pick up and broker the books if they are so inclined.

The ancient teachings spells are still used as well - both the level 50-something versions, and the tier 7 versions. In some cases, these may have tier 8 or higher versions in the normal recipe books, but the versions covered by the ancient teaching scrolls are only availble from those scrolls.

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Default thanks!

Wow, i got a Niami response.... <SQUEEEEEE>

Alas, i was semi-afraid of that, guess i'll be doing lots of adventuring in the Sands in my 50s. My character is a 43 Inquister/45 Sage right now.

But i did get my adv sage 42 and 43 to drop last night of kobolds in Steamfont so that's 60+ plat saved on my server (Permafrost)
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I still use those recipes from time to time. As I recall, the Ancient Teaching ones often produce an Expert version of a spell that you don't get automatically. I don't go looking for them specifically, but if I get one, I make sure none of my people need it before I put it on the broker.

-= Therendil =-
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