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Default Researched Foods & Patch

So they had changed some of the new Ancient recipies on Test so provi's didnt need to burn Colossal Reactants to make 30 min food and drink. Today I checked my provi on Oasis and food still requires Colossal Reactant. But Ambrosial Wine build components are:
1: Liquid (Primary)
2: 10 Marr Cherry
3: 10 Bamboo Shoot
4: 20 Ethereal Kindling

Liquid? I got a lot of liquid. water, milk. nothing seems to match. So they messed something up with this mornings patch? Or does anyone have info on the test server provi combine components?
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There is a short thread on the official EQ2 forums about this - seems it is a bug and Omougi is looking into it.


Cyliena even tried canine saliva - if you have been crafting for a long time you will remember that these body drops used to work as liquid in recipes - ewww


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Niami DenMother
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And what's really odd about all this, is that on Test, the recipes were working properly the other day (no reactant, liquid, yield 20) ... so whatever was hotfixed onto live is some odd mutant spawn that shouldn't have happened. :O
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