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So what do you think of T8?

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  • So what do you think of T8?

    Hello felow Woodworkers,

    What do you guys think of the new T8 items? I haven't dived in them as deep as I could, since i'm only lvl 61 atm. How are the Handcrafted and more specific, how are the Mastercrafted item? What are your thoughts?


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    I hear a lot of endorsements for mahogany long bows from both the woodworker in my guild who makes them and those in the guild (rangers especially) that use them, if that's any help.

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      Aye, sadly, this is one of the classes on the back burner for me right now. My WW is only 62, and waiting until my several 70s are done before I work on her again - only so far that the resources will stretch, and the guild has higher level WW's than me.


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        There are now two longbow (as well as shortbow) recipes - Ornate and not Ornate. However, the Ghostly Bow of Bylze (level 59 - early Claymore quest series reward) gives better DSP than the level 72 mahogany bows; I didn't bother with making one. It is about 500 DSP better than the ebony longbow and I would definitely upgrade to mahogany if I were still using ebony.
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