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Items to make as of 07/07

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  • Items to make as of 07/07

    Arrows - make field point only really, these are by far the best crafted arrows.

    Totems - Chameleon and Wolf Still sell.

    Bows - Keep the longbows on sale, esp the T6 Rare, Shortbow is a pointless item really, is no way anyone would buy one.

    Shields - Only Roundshield ever sells now, too many good Bucklers freely available. Roundshields really only catered for by a handful of raid drops.

    Adornments - Forget about Focus of the Pontiff, no one would buy it. Shield adorns sell slowly, balanced strut for T6 is very good seller. the bow adorns arent worthwhile making but the shield ones and the gritty fastening are, I have also sold several Tactical Struts, T6 Fable, so its worth keeping on sale.