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    I have been going bananas trying to find where to buy the woodworker essentials books for 60 - 70; I have been told Barren Sky, but I have been there and did not find anyone that would sell woodworker, (I did find the owl looking thing and the little gnome - neither sells woodworker) Does ANYBODY know, or do you know a place that I can find out? Thanks in advance...

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    Moved from 'help wanted' as that's board and database oriented and not for game related posts.

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      The reason you're not finding it is because WWs are Craftsmen, and their stuff is in the Bonemire, not the Barren Sky.

      Levels 60-69
      The level 60-69 recipe books, introduced with the release of the Kingdom of Sky Expansion, splits out the recipe books once again into different locations based on your tradeskill profession. Since it can be confusing to find your way in those zones at first, here's detailed information (hint: once in the general area, type /waypoint ###, ###, ### Be sure to replace the ### with the proper coordinates listed below):

      * Craftsmen, Duvawocket, Dreadnever Crash Site, Bonemire - take the Enchanted Lands (or Feerrott) spires, and head to -303, 51, 584.
      * Ouftitters, Penny Dreadful, Windchaser Isle, Barren Sky - take the Thundering Steppes or Nektulos Forest spires, run downhill to the cloud pad, turn north, and you'll find her up against the wall. Loc is -510, -68, -459 Note that she is also a quest NPC, so it's hard to tell she's a merchant unless you right-click on her.
      * Scholars, Merchant Thryst, Whisperwind Isle, Barren Sky - take the Thundering Steppes or Nektulos Forest spires, and he's right there at -601, -46, -434
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