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Is the Kerra outfitter daily broken for weaponsmiths?

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  • Is the Kerra outfitter daily broken for weaponsmiths?

    So far every daily I've done (two sage, one armorer) has been something I could finish, but today's weaponsmith daily is to make Titanium Claws. Those aren't in the 80-81 books, and assuming that lower levels map to T9 as they've done so far, I won't see the recipe until 89.

    Is it deliberate that we can't do all of the dailies until we're max level, or is this a bug?

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    That sounds like a definite "oops" to me. (The dailies were added before the outfitter recipes were settled into place on beta, so I'd guess they may not have been as fully shaken down as we'd like.)


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      OK, good. I didn't really think they'd want for us to be at 89 . I managed to do the next day's delivery mission anyway, so I'm just running a little behind on the weaponsmith expert books.